With time or excessive usage, CDs tend to get scratches that prevent players from reading them. Explore this article to find the best ways i.e. remedies to fix your scratched CD.

Scratched CD Remedies

In this era of Bluetooth and pen drives, the value of CDs has definitely gone down, but they have not vanished completely. CDs are still the best way to store your valuable data, especially memoirs, presentations, family functions, get together or your favorite singer’s collection; which can, otherwise, be easily hampered or lost from your computer system, courtesy deadly viruses. It is quite obvious that you would hate a CD stopping right in the middle of your favorite song or video. And for this, you need to save it from getting scratches, which lead to distorted sound or video. In case you have not been able to avoid the scratches altogether, doing a little patch up work at your home can a go a long way in fixing it up. In this article, we have brought here some simple home remedies to fix your scratched CDs and increase their shelf life.
Ways To Fix Scratched CDs 
  • Wipe your disk with a soft cloth, moving in an outward direction. Don’t clean it in circles, as it will lead to more scratches on the disk. You can even run warm water over the CD and dry it thoroughly.
  • Put a little toothpaste on your fingers and gently rub it on the CD. Remove the excess paste and clean it with a soft cloth. Toothpastes have abrasive material in them, which can help fix scratched CDs. They work well on mild to moderate scratches.
  • For deep scratches, you can apply furniture polish or white petroleum jelly on a CD and clean it with a soft cloth, moving from the centre to the outer edge.
  • Clean your scratched CD gently with soap and water and wipe it thoroughly before re- inserting it in the player.
  • You can even try your hands on car wax. Apply it on the scratched area and then wipe it off with a lint free cloth.
  • Creamy peanut butter can also be used to treat mild scratches on the CD. Gently rub it on the CD and wipe with a lint-free cloth later on.
  • Banana can also help in fixing scratched CDs, but it is generally used to heal mild to moderate scratches.
  • Liquid metal polish can also remove scratches and proves quite effective on every kind of CD.
  • If your CD is badly scratched and you have a real important data stored in it, go for the refinishing machine, as it will definitely save your data.
  • You can even mix any of the two processes mentioned above and free your CDs of scratches. 
  • If your disk is not working in one player, lay your hands on another player, like that of a computer or car, as it might work there.
  • You can also recover data from a scratched CD, by burning it into a new CD, through your computer. However, it might take a long time to burn a damaged CD.
  • Keep your CDs in a safe and scratch-free environment, away from the reach of kids, so that they don’t treat it as their new toy.
  • Hold the CD from the hole and never leave imprints of your fingers on it, making it dirty and not workable.

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