Flea infestation needs to be controlled with the right treatment, before it becomes a home of diseases. Explore this article to find out effective home remedies to control fleas.

Flea Control Home Remedies

Flea is a creepy, wingless insect that attacks pets, by piercing their skin and sucking their blood. It is a major threat for both pets and owners, as it renders their clean home full of diseases. Apart from clinging like a parasite on the body of pets, fleas have the ability to pass on to human body as well, resulting in painful itching. The most dangerous thing about this cockroach look-like is that it multiplies at an incredible rate and adapts comfortably to bad conditions as well. In case your pet has been infected with these wicked, attacking fleas, its time to gear up and save him from these beastly parasites. Read this article below to find some best home remedies to control fleas and eradicate them at the earliest.
Flea Infestation Treatment
Citrus Repellent
Cut some lemons into quarters and soak them in boiling water. Now, keep the lemons soaked overnight, to make the repellent. In the morning, spray it all over your pet’s body; especially head, behind ears and armpits, to rid it of fleas.
Aromatherapy Repellent
Take a bottle and put 600 ml of water in it. Now, add 2 drops each of pure lavender oil and pure cedar wood essential oil in the bottle. Shake it well before spraying it over your pet’s body. However, remember, the effectiveness of the spray does not last much long, as the oil evaporates quickly and hence, it needs to be re-applied. You can also use pure almond carrier oil or eucalyptus oil as an alternative.
Include Nutritious Food
Fleas attacking your pet present a sign of its poor health. To fight this pest, make sure that your pet is strong internally, so that his body develops enough resistance. Including healthy nutritious food, such as garlic, in the diet will act wonders for your pet. The strong smell emitted through the skin, after the consumption of garlic, will make fleas’ stay inhospitable. The same goes with natural apple cider vinegar that can be included in its drinking water. Natural yeast will also keep the pest away from your pet’s coat.
Herbal Flea Collars
You can use nylon cloth to make the collar and add a few drops of essential oil of your choice, such as rosemary, eucalyptus, citronella or tea tree oils. However, do not forget to take the advice of your veterinary doctor, before putting on the collar, as some pets might be sensitive to it.
Essential Oils Bath
Give your pet a bath of essential oils, if the flea has infested it badly. Add a few drops of essential oils, like tea tree oil, fresh rosemary leaf oil and lavender oil, in the bath water.
Other Tips
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth, a non chemical soil, all around the home; especially in damp, dark and moist places. The powdery natural substance has sharp edges that cuts fleas’ body, making them leak water and die of dehydration.
  • Vacuum clean your house to control fleas, especially the carpets and pets bedding. After cleaning, seal the bag carefully and dispose it off far away from your place.
  • Get a comb specially made for flea control and move it through your pet’s hair. It will definitely help reduce the number of fleas on its body.

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