There are different kinds of kitchen sinks available today, which can make your work easier and more comfortable. Some very common and popular types of kitchen sink have been given here as well.

Types Of Kitchen Sink

Selecting the right type of sink for your kitchen is very important to meet your daily and basic functional requirements and also to save your time, energy and effort. If your sink is not arranged in the proper way, it can turn out to be quite irritating and frustrating. Even finishing your daily chores will be difficult and you will have to struggle to fit your pots and big kitchen appliance inside. So, to make your kitchen more user-friendly and convenient, make sure to select the right sink. Here, we have provided information about the different types of kitchen sink. Today, different types of kitchen sinks are available commercially, which not only add style and glamour to your house, but also make your work comfortable and easier. Go through the information given below and get to know which sink will best serve your needs.
Different Kinds Of Kitchen Sinks
Single-bowl Kitchen Sink
This mainly consists of a single large sink and is a great option for kitchens with limited space. It is deeper as compared to other sinks and hence is very apt for those people who use a lot of large pots and pans. Apart from being used for kitchen purposes, it can be sued as a bar sink or as a second sink as well, within the vicinity of the kitchen.
Double-bowl Kitchen Sink
To allow more flexibility at the workplace, dual sinks or double bowl sinks are very convenient and handy. This can be either two bowls of the same size or one of the bowls slightly larger than the other. This is particularly useful if more than one person need to work at the sink within the same kitchen space. It is mainly because of its versatile nature that this form of sink is very popular with households and large families.
Triple-bowl Kitchen Sink
This type of sink is mainly meant for large families and is multiple task-oriented. The usual form of such a sink consists of two large bowls on the sides and one smaller one at the center, meant for the disposal of garbage. Just like the double sinks, this allows versatility and working space within the sink, as there is ample space for two to three people to work simultaneously.
Gourmet Sink
If you are looking for something trendy and stylish to upgrade your kitchen sink, then the gourmet sink is what you should be using for your kitchen. This form of sink has become very popular, particularly in recent years and is widely available commercially. It comes in different patterns and finishes and will add a chic look to your kitchen. This sink is particularly useful if you are a chef and need specific features in your sink.
Self Rimming Sinks
The self rimming sink is very easy to install and can be easily replaced without damaging the countertop of your kitchen. The typical characteristics of this form of kitchen sink include a rolled and finished edge or rim.
Undermount Sinks
This form of sink is very common in kitchens and is regarded as a good choice, as it works with countertops made out. This is also called recessed sink and is usually fixed under a countertop, to produce a seamless flow. It is very easy to clean and care for.
Bar Sink
This is also referred to as a prep sink or an entertainment sink and is quite small in size, as compared to a traditional kitchen sink. The sink is very apt for adding to a finished basement, media room or anywhere you entertain, so that you don’t have to run to the kitchen every time you need something.

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