There is a wide variety found in case of kitchen tiles. Got through this article and explore different kinds of kitchen tiles.

Types Of Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles help accentuate the beauty of your countertops and cabinets. They lend a unique character to your kitchen, which you can modify to reflect your individuality. The best part about tiles is that they are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, materials and size. You can easily mix and match them, to give your kitchen the desired look. You can also arrange them as per any particular theme. For example, stainless steel tiles work best in case of contemporary theme, while hand-painted ones can be used to impart old-country look. Apart from flooring, kitchen tiles can also be used on the walls, for the countertops and even as the backsplash.
Types of Kitchen Tiles
Various types of tiles can be used in the kitchen. The selection will depend upon the price you are willing to pay, the design of your kitchen, the style you want to create, and so on.
Ceramic Kitchen Tile
Ceramic tiles are mostly made from clay, after firing it through high temperature ovens. Their production process makes the tiles quite tough and heat resistant. This is one of the main reasons why these tiles are best suited for countertops. You can easily place hot pots on a ceramic countertop, without worrying about any damage. Ceramic kitchen tiles are durable, cost-effective, attractive and available in a large number of colors.
Vinyl Kitchen Tiles
Vinyl kitchen tiles are very popular amongst those who are planning to renovate their kitchen on a budget. They are very cost-effective, when compared to ceramic, stone or porcelain. Such tiles also come in peel-and-stick variety, which you can install yourself also. Vinyl tiles are especially good for floors with excessive movement or cracks. However, the only problem is that they are not too attractive and do not suit areas that require hard tiles.
Porcelain Kitchen Tile
Another tile that is gaining popularity in kitchen is the porcelain tile. One of its major advantages is that the tile it is made from the same material on top as well as bottom. This makes it quite resistant to scratches and chips. Since porcelain kitchen tiles are quite similar, in shade and texture, to real stone, they can be made to resemble the latter.
Glass Kitchen Tile
Glass tiles are increasing being used in the kitchen these days, the main reason being their diminishing cost and attractive appeal. They are best used for countertops, backsplashes, wall coverings and flooring. Available in almost limitless colors and designs, they can also be used in borders, beautiful mosaics or as accents. They can be glossy as well as flat in finish.
Metal Kitchen Tile

If you are one of those who have a lot of steel appliances in their kitchen, then metal tiles will be just perfect for you. Rather than using huge sheets of stainless or copper, you can now go for small metal tiles, creating different patterns and designs. These tiles work best in case of kitchen backsplash. While stainless steel tiles look contemporary, warm bronze or copper ones give traditional touch.

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