Using glass tiles in kitchen is a relatively new concept. Let us know more about glass tiles for kitchen.

Glass Kitchen Tiles

There was a time when glass was considered to be a material reserved for making things like showpieces and crockery. Its use on rough surfaces, like walls and floors, was not even considered a remote possibility. However, with the changing time, the use of glass also evolved. Today, we use glass, in the form of tiles, throughout the house, in kitchens as well. In fact, glass kitchen tiles are gaining increasing popularity with the passing time, where they are used for countertops, backsplashes, wall coverings and flooring.. Apart from being used for their own sake, they can also be combined with ceramic or porcelain tiles, as accent glass, and impart a spectacular and luxurious look to the kitchen.
Environment Friendly
Glass tiles are mostly made from recycled glass, imparting an environment friendly quality to them. For making them, glass, mostly recycled from windshields and bottles, is collected and crushed. Thereafter, metallic oxides are added to the crushed glass, to add strength. It is this point only that colors might be added to the glass, to produce colored tile or uniquely-hued accent tile. The mixture that forms is, then, poured into tile molds. What follows is firing of the glass tiles at high temperatures. After the tiles are made, glaze might be added to make them more durable.
Why Ceramic Tile for Kitchen?
You must be wondering about the reasons that make glass tiles a popular option for kitchen. Find them in the lines below. 
  • The colors and combinations offered in glass tiles are almost endless, thus providing you with lots of options.
  • Since glass tiles are not porous like ceramic tiles, you can say good bye to stains, mold, and mildew.
  • Glass has the unique ability to reflect light and when used in the form of accents, can bring out the beauty of each tile.
  • The light-reflecting ability of glass tiles makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter than it actually is.
  • As compared to other types of tiles, glass tiles are much easier to clean and are durable as well.
The Disadvantages
Though glass tiles present many advantages in their wake, there are not completely devoid of fallacies. Let us know about some: 
  • One of the main disadvantages of glass tiles is that they very expensive, especially when compared to ceramic tiles.
  • Glass tiles are very prone to scratches. On top of that, the scratches, once they appear, show easily and do not go away.
  • In case you go for glass tiles, you need to make sure that the grouting is done perfectly. Uneven or faulty grouting will show through these tiles.
  • Glass tiles, when wet, tend to get very slippery.
  • In case of low-temperature areas, glass tiles are not preferable. This is because they tend to feel cold under foot.

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