Preparing your home for the monsoon involves making it waterproof and cozy. Read the article to know how to prepare your home for monsoon.

Preparing Your Home For The Monsoon

It is vital to make your home a safe and comfortable place to live in, especially during the monsoon season. This is because heavy rains and windy weather during monsoons can damage the premises of your home considerably. Preparing your home for monsoon not only involves making it weatherproof, but also making it well equipped with all the necessary supplies and converting it into a cozier place. Explore the article to know how to prepare your home for the monsoon.   
How To Prepare Home For Monsoon 
  • Yard: Make the yard spick and span by clearing out the debris. Trim the dead and weak branches of the trees. Transfer the belongings stored in the yard to a store room inside the house. Clear the clogged drainage also. Ensure that water drains provided on the roof are in working condition.
  • Basement: Prepare your basement for monsoon. Make sure that the sump pump is working properly. Get it tested by a professional mechanic, so that it is ready to be used in the monsoon.
  • Windows: Fill the gaps between the sliding of windows by sealing them with rubber lining. This prevents water from entering the rooms on a windy, rainy day. Metal window frames may get rusty, so treat them with waterproofing spray.
  • Window Drapes: Translucent window drapes are ideal for monsoon season. Buy lace curtains for your windows. These curtains will allow sufficient amount of daylight to pass through and illuminate the rooms during day time.
  • Carpets: Roll away the expensive carpets. Wrap the carpets in plastic sheets tightly, to reduce the chances of moisture getting trapped in them, causing damage. Use washable and moisture-resistant acrylic carpets for the monsoon.
  • Indoor Plants: It is the time to reduce greenery inside the house. Remove the indoor plants and keep them out in the rain, so that they get watered naturally. Place plastic plants, such as green ferns, colorful sunflowers or orchids, indoors.
  • Ceiling: Check for any seepage over the ceiling and if you find any, immediately fill it up with Plaster of Paris or white cement.
  • Power Outages: Heavy rains and stormy weather may result in power cuts. Hence, it is necessary to be prepared with a fresh supply of batteries, battery-powered flashlights and lanterns. It is better to avoid candles.
  • Emergency Kit: With the onset of monsoons, you may find it difficult to get out of your home and drive down for shopping. Hence, keep a stock of food supplies, drinking water and other commodities handy.
  • Interiors: Preparing your home for monsoon also means making it a cozier place. Color the walls with warm yellows and oranges to brighten up your rooms.

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