Southwestern bathroom decor involves the use of warm colors and rustic furniture. Read this article to get ideas for decorating a bathroom based on South western theme.

Southwestern Bathroom Decor

Decorating a bathroom based on Southwestern décor theme is all about bringing the fun element of oasis indoors. The spicy styling of a Southwestern bathroom combines the coziness of warm colors with sharp angled designs of the fixtures and accessories. The versatility of this decor is beyond comparison. The theme creates a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom and soothes the body and soul when you visit the place. Here, we are to help you with some decorating ideas for Southwestern bathroom decor.  
Southwestern Bathroom Decor
Determine the budget for your bathroom makeover and then buy the accessories accordingly. Take into account whether you are renovating just the flooring, only the fixtures or renovating the bathroom as a whole.
Color Scheme
The Southwestern style has a cozy and bright feel to it. Hence, colors chosen for the decor should bring warmth to the space. The colors for this decor include earth tones, warm blues, cactus green, sunny yellows, terra cotta and turquoise. You may choose also mix and match, choosing earth tones for the walls and greens for the furniture and shelving.
Addition of a miniature sandbox is a great way to bring in the Southwestern flavor to your bathroom. You may also fill a pot with cacti or native plants, to accentuate the look. Towels are another valuable addition to accessorize the bathroom. You may go for solid-colored towels and pair them with patterned shower curtains or customize the towels by adding such trims and detailing that carry the Southwestern theme.
When decorating a bathroom the Southwestern way, opt for rustic hardware. Wrought iron is one of the best materials to choose for the theme. Make sure that you use the same finish for your towels bars, toilet paper holder, lighting fixtures and door hardware. Wooden framed bathroom mirror and wooden shelving, with wrought iron support brackets, will also look elegant.  
The Final Touch
Give final addition to your Southwestern bathroom decor by hanging theme-based pictures on the walls. You may choose colorful desert scenery or photos of Southwest architecture. Bright-colored candles and mini cactus plants will further enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

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