There are thousands of ways to paint a newborn’s nursery. In this article, we have given some of the most popular nursery painting designs and colors.

Nursery Paint Ideas

The task of painting a baby’s nursery seems to be no different than that of any other room. However, a bit of extra effort and creativity will go a long way in brining about a huge difference. Instead of doing the job by merely choosing a solid color and slapping it on the walls, try to add some details to it. You may adorn the walls with wallpaper borders or choose different patterns to accentuate them. Such innovative thinking will definitely create an inviting space for your newborn. If you need some help, make use of the information on nursery painting designs and colors, provided in the lines below.
Nursery Paint Ideas
Single Solid Colors
Traditionally, boys' nurseries are painted in blue, whereas the conventional color chosen for girl child’s room is pink. Instead of repeating the same thing, try to do something different. Think about neutral colors for your baby’s nursery. Light shades of yellow and green are good options. These colors will work great for both the genders. Moreover, you may reuse the nursery for the next baby, of either sex, without having to repaint it.
Dual-Toned Interior
A single, solid color is not the only option for painting nurseries. You may also opt for a dual-toned interior. This will make the room look more dressed up, as compared to a single-colored wall. Go ahead and paint the wall in two different colors - one for the top half and the other for the bottom half. The combinations of pink and purple as well as yellow and blue are a hit. You may also choose two different shades of the same color, to paint the walls.
There are literally thousands of patterns to choose from, for your baby’s nursery. Vertical stripes, big squares and circles are some of the most preferred patterns. Multi-colors can be used to paint squares and circles on the walls. This will bring life to the walls and make them look very pretty as well. Another bright option is to paint small sized checks on smaller areas of the wall and use a solid coordinating color in the rest of the room.
Wall Murals
Painting wall murals is a bright idea as far as personalizing your baby’s nursery is concerned. You can either paint a mural yourself or hire a muralist to serve the purpose. Baby room murals usually come in the form of wallpaper sheets, which can be easily pasted on the wall. This will give a substance to the walls. You can even figure out a story out of the murals! Beautify your baby’s nursery by applying the mural on one of the walls.
Themed Painting
You may also choose a theme to paint the nursery. Some of the most popular themes include angles, airplane, jungle, ocean and castle. You may also opt for simpler themes, such as clouds, or paint the walls to resemble the ocean. Special technique can be applied to give a three-dimensional effect to such walls. You may either choose do it yourself or hire a professional to accomplish the task. The result will definitely be worthwhile!

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