Thinking about what can you do to your small bedroom? Pep up your bedroom with your favorite colors. Read on to get different paint color ideas for small bedroom and give it a cozy look.

Paint Colors For Small Bedrooms

Small or big, a house gives the feeling of belongingness, comfort and relaxation to the owner. It is always better to decorate and improvise the place you have, instead of cribbing over it being small. Remember, even small places can be decorated and adorned to look beautiful and attractive. A keen sense of designing and creative mind is all that you need to extend a personal touch to your small room, making it look appealing and welcoming. One way to make your small house and the small rooms look big and comfortable is by painting them with the right colors. The colors that you select should add up to the beauty of your room, hence making it look spacious, comfortable and cozy. There are many segments of colors and paints available in the market for you to choose from, to give your room a welcoming look. This article provides you with few options of small bedroom colors which will make it look luxurious and open.
Small Bedroom Paint Color Ideas
Light Cool Colors
Light or cool colors are considered to be the best shades to blend with small bedrooms. These colors trick the eyes, by making the bedroom appear larger than it really is. Shades of blue, green and purple are few examples of cool colors. These colors not only lend the room a bigger look, but provide a soothing and calm feeling. These colors can also be referred to as the nature colors.
Monochromatic Colors
Monochromatic colors also help in making your bedroom look spacious and rightly placed. A monochromatic color scheme involves using the colors that are close in tone to each other. It makes the appearance of the room uninterrupted and large. A simple trick to use a monochromatic scheme is by choosing colors from the same palette for e.g. sky blue, medium blue, deep blue and so on.
Gloss Finish
A glossy finish will be another apt option for your small bedroom. Paint experts have said that a glossy finish on the walls of a small room make it look bigger and spacious. The commonly recommended ones are the eggshell finish, satin finish and the semi-gloss finish. For small bedrooms, you should go in for a more subtle approach, thereby using an eggshell or a satin finish.
Warm Light Colors
If you are fine with the size of the room and do not want it to appear big or spacious, rather want it to feel cozy and comfortable, a warm color is the perfect choice. Colors of sun and fire, yellow, orange and red are a few examples of warm hues. Warm colors generally have an opposite impact from the cool colors on your bedroom i.e., they will make it look small, because the colors appear to be coming towards you. However, warm colors make the room look cozy, comfortable and warm. Choosing a light warm color for your bedroom will ensure that your room will look bright and cozy.

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