A baby is on its way and you certainly wouldn’t want it to be uncomfortable in its surroundings. Give some thought to the most suitable color for your baby’s room.

Baby Room Paint Colors

Every color comes free with the magical ability to alter a person’s moods with the snap of a finger. The colors of our walls radiate and seep into our torsos, unknowingly warp mindsets and quash the hues of withering auras. Remember the confounding chameleon that flickered from blue to green and red? That’s the effect a colour can have on your erratic mood swings. A white blanket shrouds you in a cloud of tranquillity, while the orange rays of the sun permeating the curtains triggers a surge of exhilaration. Everywhere you go, colours change and so do your moods. However, a baby is confined to a cot in a tiny room. To splatter a rainbow of colours would only baffle the kid. Think rationally and arrive at an appropriate theme for the baby’s room, the choice of colours will invariably tag along. It is true when people say the paint color of your baby’s quaint room may play a pertinent role in the personality development of your child. Take advantage of the baby room color ideas listed below and come to a reasonable consensus before you set the paintbrushes into motion.

Baby Room Paint Color Ideas

Go Traditional
As clichéd as it may sound to opt for pink if you have a baby girl and blue if it’s for a baby boy, sticking to tradition is not always a bad proposition. Pink blends well with the dolls nursery decorations which are ideal objects of comfort for a baby girl. Condition your little bundle of joy to the element she belongs to. Blue and navy blue paint colors are universally considered manly or boyish. To get a little boy accustomed to pink surroundings is not advisable by conventional norms and certain psychological empirical research data.

Funky And Trendy
Be creative! Be innovative! Paint the room with something contemporary and lively! This could be scorched orange, sunny yellow or dark purple. Habituate them to a funkier lifestyle as you incorporate their walls with stripes or as polka dots. However, don’t get carried away to the extent that your baby gets over-stimulated by looking at them. A modern and funky look is bound to welcome them into this world of madness, in a good way! Wouldn’t it be super cool if you used the 101 Dalmatians theme for your baby’s room? Conditions Apply, of course.

More Soothe, Less Brood
Paint it white! Paint it beige! Or maybe even ivory? These cool and subtle colours are believed to have a very soothing effect on babies. Painting a baby’s nursery with these colours encourages the baby to remain calm and fall into a peaceful slumber. Moreover, these lighter shades can actually make the room appear much bigger than it actually is. The one setback is the dull look it might offer to the nursery. Nonetheless, you can combat this with soft toys, happy baby frames and specks of brighter shades. Turquoise, green, gray’s and silver work really well in this case!

Orange And Yellow
Orange symbolizes warmth, vitality and encouragement. It imparts a happy and optimistic feel to the room. It is excellent for family gatherings too and exudes so much mirth! Yellow, on the other hand symbolizes an abundance of energy. The warm colour tones of yellow stimulate thinking and may actually exercise your child’s brain cells beforehand! It makes a great color to paint a study room or a room used for creative purposes.

The Primary Colours
While blue and green emanate serenity, red exudes enthusiasm and excitement. Many believe that that shades of blue motivate intellectual thought and suppress your hunger pangs. A green coloured room would be ideal if you so wish for your child to be closer to nature. A red room infuses the baby with uncontrollable energy. Beware that a red is likely to incite feelings of rage and fury.

Be Practical
When coming up with baby room colours combinations and schemes, it is imperative to keep the effect of each and every colour chosen on your baby. Remember that the colour black may create an atmosphere of despair and melancholy. Hence, it’s better to avoid it. Monochromatic or single-colour schemes also work best for smaller rooms. There is no need to overspend! Just give it sufficient thought and get started!

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