Instead of decorating your baby girl’s room in shades of pink and lacy, frilly things, go for a personalized and unique décor. Check out some interesting ideas for a baby girl room décor.

Baby Girl Room Decor

It's just once that your baby girl would enjoy her infancy years. As you await the arrival of your new bundle of joy, styling your baby’s room would be a pleasure. In fact, the entire project of decorating the room would be full of fun and excitement. According to the modern trend, girl bedding sets and nursery themes are no more ultra feminine and frilly or limited to the shades of pink and white. The fashion has moved up the ladder, to horses, cowgirls, western scenery, angels, and beaches and so on. Although the ideas have got personalized and unique, they still maintain a level of femininity. Take your own sweet time in choosing the perfect decorating scheme and color choices for your baby girl, which are sure to bring a long lasting enjoyment. Read on further to know the different ideas on how you plan your baby girl’s room decor.
Decorating Ideas For A Baby Girl Room
Choose watery blues for the walls, sand colors as flooring and clouds for the ceiling. Create an ocean theme for your little girl by having beach-colored wallpapers and furniture that reflects the beach, such as a colorful stool.  
Sugar & Spice
Since every girl loves pretty colors, give her a multihued room that she will cherish for life. Select fabrics that have flowers, trellises, cute animals or butterflies. Paint the walls in color matching the fabric or wallpaper. You can also have flowers, vines and butterflies stenciled on the walls and soft, airy curtains for the windows.
For a softer look, go for a moonlight theme. Get the ceiling painted in midnight blue, with moon and stars. You can also use stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars. Embellish white crisp stars on a colorful painted bookshelf or liven up a plain white chest with a rainbow of star shapes. For the curtains, get moon and star fabric or quilt.
Flower Power
For a retro 60s look, go for bright and bold oranges, sun yellows, lime greens and watermelon pinks. Get fabrics with simple flower shapes in hot colors and match them with plain fabrics for ruffles, valances and pillows. Trace large flower shapes on the walls and paint them in wild colors matching the fabrics.
Jungle Nursery
Let your girl enjoy an adventurous safari in her room. Paint the walls in natural shades of green. Use jungle scenes with animals, birds, reptiles, trees and flowers, for a tropical style mural. The curtains can be in fabric, in either complimentary colors or tropical prints. As for flooring and rugs, it can be a sisal area rug or faux animal skin or an animal shaped rug.
Princesses and Castles
Use sheer details and fanciful details for your little princess. Embellish the walls with faux painted castle walls, murals and blue skies for a truly memorable girl’s room. Trails of stenciled ivy or flowers would contrast the weighty look of faux walls. For a bed canopy, go for swaths of pretty netting.

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