Decorating the room of a teenage girl is by no means, an easy task. Read on some decoration ideas and tips for giving the perfect look to the bedroom of teen girls.

Teenage Girl Room Decorating

Your sweet little princess has grown up and become a teenager. Now, she has different tastes and needs, be it in the terms of clothes or footwear or even her room. On this birthday, rather than giving her clothes or footwear or something like that, why don’t you gift her, an entirely new room! I know it’s not very easy to decorate the room of a teenager, especially a girl. But, no worries! We are here, at your service. In the following lines, we have presented a number of ideas and tips for decorating the bedroom of a teenage girl. Just follow these decoration ideas and get ready to see your daughter smile!
Decoration Ideas for Teen Girl’s Rooms 
  • How about the Tropical Style look? This look will work the best for teen girls who love animals. For such a look, you will be required to make use of animal prints, rattan furniture, leather accents and grass cloth on the walls. You can even get cushion covers, bed sheets, bedcovers, computer covers, etc in animal prints.
  • You can decorate the room of a teenage girl keeping in mind a particular color. For example, many girls like the color pink. You can decorate the entire room in pink - pink cushions, pink linen, pink walls, pink furniture, pink curtains, and so on.
  • In case your daughter loves water, why don’t you bring a beach right into her bedroom? Don’t be shocked! We are just talking about the wallpaper of her room. These days wallpapers come with so many pictures. You can select one that resembles a beach. To add to the effect, you can do up the entire room in blue.
  • You can also create a Denim Look for your teenage girl’s room. Cover the chair in her room with a soft, washed denim fabric. You can trim her pillows with fat denim cording. There are also paint techniques that help in giving the walls a denim-look. Use denim comforters and pillow shams. Last, but not the least, you can make valances for the windows from a ragged pair of jeans.
  • The Cottage Style look is a big hit amongst teenagers these days. For creating the look, you should make use of plaid or country-style fabrics. Cane furniture, preferably in white color, is the key here. To add to the look, you can put in rustic accent pieces as adornments.
  • If you daughter wants a glamorous look for her bedroom, go for European or Parisian style. It involves use of rococo, baroque and neoclassical style furniture and accent pieces. The colors to be used in such a style are black, white, and gold. If you can add jewel tones as accents, nothing like it! Vintage-style furniture, silks and brocade fabrics and black wrought iron shelves and tables will complete the look.
  • Does your daughter love nature? If yes, then the Garden Style will work the best for her bedroom. For creating the same, make use of floral prints, upholstered furniture and floral area rugs. The walls, floors, and curtains should be as plain as possible. You can keep a few indoor plants in her room.
  • One of the most preferred styles till date is the Black & White Style. The color white adds brightness to the room, while black adds drama. The floor can be done in a black and white style. The line, comforters and chairs can be of white color. You can add a dash of red or warm gold to make the room more refreshing. 
Few More Tips… 
  • Before planning on anything, it is better to talk the whole thing out with your daughter. She might have a certain look in mind for her bedroom. You will at least get to know about things like her favorite colors, the preferred bed style, etc.
  • Now, the next step is to ascertain your budget, the size of the room as well as the styles that look best, are in fashion and also seem practical. Wait no more! It is the time to go shopping.
  • One of the best ways to impart a certain look is to use accessories. For example, if you want to give a rustic look, try to make use of antique grandfather clock, antique vases, carpets, etc.

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