Rodents like rats and mice, if enter your property, brings hell out of life. It is always good to check out methods of rats’ eradication and prevention. Find out how to get rid of rats and mice.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents

Damage caused by rats and mice, is the nastiest nightmare one can ever dream of. And how to get rid of rodents is perhaps the most common question often posed amongst local discussions. Nearly everyone comes up with the idea of using mouse traps, basically catching and releasing or relocating mice away from your house. This is a great idea, in case you just have one or two rats in the field. Actually, house mice get too familiarized to domestic life, and thus they easily find way back into home. Owing to large population of rats, mouse traps prove to be economical and efficient means to get rid of them.
Mice can damage rock-hard buildings by gnawing through walls, pipes, ducts, and electrical wires as well. They carry dangerous pathogens and parasites with them, and can spread ghastly infections. Usually rats infect the foodstuff by eating and urinating on it. Using harmful chemicals to chuck out these sharp-toothed creatures could be dangerous for you and your family. So, read and implement these methods of eradicating and preventing rodents to make your home free of rats and mice.  
Methods of Eradication and Prevention of Rodents - Rats & Mice  
  • First of all, you must inspect your house both inside and outside properly to know about the areas, where rodents mostly ramble.
  • It is recommended to remove sources of water, food and clothes from your closet, upper floor and garden.
  • Avoid your drains and trash bins without cover. Keep them always covered.
  • Keep the foodstuff in metal bins while storing in cupboards.
  • Get rid of all wood heaps, scrap sheds, garden waste and everything that draw rodents to stay in your house.
  • To ensure that no critters are feeding in the compost bin, turn and check its contents regularly.
  • Fasten small holes around pipes, vents, doors and windows with 100% silicon caulk.
  • Place mouse traps in the areas, where you think the creatures rest. You can use both, live and snap traps to catch the rats and mice. These are effective, when made tempting with foods like banana, bread and cheese. Set free the living rat or mouse far away from the places of residence.  
  • For making an alternative trap, you can place glue boards in the pathway traveled most by the rodents. Dispose the dead rats promptly as they cause foul smell.

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