Find some useful tips on buying curtains and valances

Curtains And Valances Buying Tips

There are few factors which, if you consider while purchasing curtains and valances, will help you in making the right kind for your room. For example, there can be different factors like the size, shape, location of the window for which it is needed, color co-ordination of the room, ambience, purpose behind using the curtains and valances, etc. Depending upon your means and preferences, you can choose to take any or all of these factors into consideration while purchasing curtains and valances.  
Colour of the curtains and valances is of utmost importance because they help in setting the mood of a room. They have the capacity to enliven a space and usher in positive energy if used correctly. For example if you desire your small kitchen to look bright and light, try using yellow curtains. Floral prints seem to cut down space. So try avoiding the use of curtains and valances with floral prints in small room. Mix matching different kinds of geometric-print curtains is a good way to provide a room a contemporary look, but this needs to done very diligently.   
The texture of the fabrics used for curtains and valances is very important because this aspect too assists in influencing the mood and feel of a room. In some countries where it is bright and sunny for the maximum part of the year, using linen curtains and valances seem to be a popular option among the denizens. Linen fabric has a very cool and crisp look and it sort of lends this look to the room as well when used for curtains and valances. However, if you desire to add a dash of sophistication and elegance to a room, use silk or velvet fabrics for the same. Chiffon works well for a soft romantic look.
Care of Curtains and Valances
Once your favorite curtains and valances are ready, it is mandatory that you also take adequate care to keep it clean and resplendent at all times. Even before you have bought the fabric for curtain and valance, you can test whether its print is compatible with other furnishings of the room or whether its color can stand artificial and natural light or not is by buying only a meter of it initially. Also wash it to check if the fabric shrinks. Four to five percent shrinkage is generally considered normal. It advisable to get the curtains and valances dry-cleaned from time to time.

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