Labrador puppies make wonderful, lovable pets. However, there are certain things to consider before buying a Labrador puppy. Check out this buying guide to learn more.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Labrador Puppy

Labradors make wonderful pets, especially with their amiable and gregarious disposition! It is easy to fall in love with the pup because of its affable, loyal companionship. Now, who wouldn’t like to pride oneself with owning one? However, there are certain important things to consider before buying a Labrador puppy. Having a pet means a long-time commitment. Whether you are looking for a family pet or a house companion, there are certain factors that should not be ignored. Labradors are demanding dogs. They are people’s pup and hate to play solitary. They enjoy company and long periods of isolation can just snap their patience. Labrador is a breed that loves to please and eat. However, it does not come well behaved and taming a Labrador is never a cakewalk, especially the pups. So if you are considering getting a Labrador pup as your pet, running down the following tips may help.
Guide For Buying Labrador Puppies
  • Who wouldn’t like to master a purebred dog as adroit and adorable as the Labrador? If you are tossing around with the idea of having a Labrador puppy for yourself, consulting a good, reputed breeder before you make your pick might help. A competent breeder will help you find a Labrador pup of the finest pedigree. This way, you can ensure that you will have a pet that boasts of all the fine features of the much-applauded breed.
  • Most often, while picking a pet from a litter, we tend to fall for the one that appears most affectionate and friendly to us. This is where most of us bungle. This seemingly genial pup of the litter may often be the most forceful and bossy of the lot and having him as a pet may not be the best idea. Always look out for the docile, cautious whelp in the litter. Such pups are believed to make the best pets.
  • Finding the right pet for yourself is never easy! While you should stay away from the more aggressive, domineering kind of Labradors, settling for the timid, submissive whelp might also invite complexities. Excessively shy Labrador pups often grow up to become timid, scared dogs, which may bark and snap at the slightest provocation. So, you need to strike the right balance.
  • If you are still undecided about the kind of Labrador pup to go for, settling with the more inquisitive, gracious and cautiously interested one may work. Once you have spotted one such whelp, isolate him from the litter and see how he responds to you. If you find his behavior amiable both in crowd as well as alone, you have found the perfect pet.
  • Having a Labrador pup entails a lot of responsibilities. Before you go for one, pause to ponder over factors like environment, time, patience, health issues, annual vaccines, heartworm testing, spaying or neutering and more. Only if you think you are well equipped to cope with such concerns, you deserve to have a pup.
  • Health is one of the prime concerns when considering a pet. Before picking your Labrador puppy, don’t forget to watch out for tell-tale signs of health and sickness. A Lab puppy is usually well proportioned and solid. Don’t mind if he looks like a little porker, for that is a wonderful sign of great health. However, if the pup looks malnourished, with his bones sticking out, stay away! Also check out for signs of poor skin condition, dandruff, and even tapeworm. Remember a healthy pet would mean healthy petting!

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