Lend an air of sophistication to your house décor by purchasing a vase of silk flowers. Here are few tips to consider, in case you are wondering how & where to buy silk flowers.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Silk Flowers

Flowers are the sign of love and affection, peace and calm. They make the environment soothing, attractive and appealing. Everyone wants to add the beauty of flowers to their house décor. However, one problem that every flower lover faces is that flowers do not retain their beauty and freshness for much long. On top of that, buying a new set of flowers every day can prove to be quite expensive. The silk flowers, commonly known as artificial flowers, come up as an answer to all such worries. There is a variety of silk flowers available today, the mystic luster of which can dress up any corner of your house and can make it look eye-catching. However, purchasing these flowers can sometimes, prove to be quite a bit confusing. It looks like a simple task, but because of the sheer variety available, it becomes difficult to decide which arrangement is good and well suited for your house. Here are a few things that you need to consider when purchasing silk flowers. These tips will help you purchase a good quality arrangement, without any tension
How & Where To Buy Silk Flowers
  • Avoid the usual departmental stores and marts, when planning to purchase silk flowers. You might think that these stores and marts will provide you with lots of variety and a good bargain. However, what you end up with is poor quality flowers, too expensive for their worth and a complete waste of time. Rather, go to small shops and road-side stalls.
  • The first thing to look for, while buying silk flowers, is the quality of their stems. Keep in mind a few questions before purchasing the flowers. Can you see the joints where blooms meet the stems? Are the edges of the blooms frayed, or showing loose threads? Is there a lot of “casting flash” on any of the plastic parts? If the answer of all these questions is a ‘yes’, then you are having a wrong deal. These traits portray poor concern towards the quality of the flowers.
  • Next thing to check is whether the arrangement is proper or not. If there are gaps in between the stems, it means that the arrangement is not proper, unless it is an item designed to showcase individual stems. Spare filler, randomly spaced between bare stems and with lots of open space between, is usually not a design trait. This type of arrangement means that someone tried to make it look larger, while putting less into it.
  • Another thing to check while purchasing a silk flower is the base. There should be no green foam in any arrangement. Neither soil nor water is green, so there is no point of any green base. If you can’t see any green foam, the next question is, if not foam, what cover material did they use? Moss is one of the options, but it should not be hanging over the sides. Rather, it should be secured firmly and you should not be able to see through it.
  • Bases made out of plastics are also a bad option. Ceramic, glass and even resins are all preferable to plastic, and they even offer better durability, style and variety. The material used for base is of such importance because it provides a greater insight into the quality of the entire arrangement.
  • When it comes to silk flowers, getting your money’s worth is not a preferable and suited slogan. Just because we have a habit to bargain for each and every item, we look for such bargains for silk flowers also. However, any cheap bargain will just mean poor quality, in this case. So, beware.

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