Arranging flowers in a vase is a task that needs proper attention. Check out flower arrangement tips and get to know how to arrange your own flowers.

How To Arrange Flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They serve so many purposes, as far as human feelings are concerned. Whether you want to say ‘I love you’, express your friendship or feel like saying sorry, flowers convey everything. At the same time, they also serve as the perfect gift for occasions like birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, and the like. Flowers can also be used for adorning a simple corner of your drawing room and turn it into something very appealing. However, before placing flowers in any part of your house, you need to make sure that they are arranged properly. In case you are looking for information on arranging flowers in a vase, end your search by reading the lines provided below.
How to Arrange Your Own Flowers
Things Needed 
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Vase
  • Green Floral Foam
  • Floral Preservative Packets
  • Large Container/ Bucket
  • Large Bowl 
  • First of all, you need to get fresh flowers for yourself. Along with that, also arrange for greenery and a freshly washed vase.
  • Take all the flowers and greenery and keep them in a large container or bucket that has been filled with water, till they are ready for use.
  • Buy floral foam from the market and cut it in such a way that it fits the vase snugly and extends 1 inch above the rim.
  • Now, take a bowl and fill it with cool water. Place the floral foam in this bowl and let it take up the water naturally, for about 20 seconds.
  • When you see that the foam has become level with the surface of the water, take it out.
  • Now, set the foam aside, allowing it to drain properly. After this, place the foam in the vase.
  • This is the time to start arranging the flowers.
  • Take the flowers with the longest stems and showiest blooms, like roses, dahlias, lilies, etc. They will go at the center of the vase.
  • Hold the stems of the flowers under running water and, with the help of a knife, cut them at an angle.
  • Measure the length of the stems that will be under water and remove all the leaves from that portion.
  • Place the flowers in the center of the vase.
  • Trim the smaller flowers in the same way and arrange them around the longer ones.
  • Follow with the greenery.
  • Take cool water and add floral preservative to it. Use this water to fill the vase, to the top.
  • Make sure that the water does not cover any blossoms and there are no leaves under water.
  • Place the vase at a place that is away from drafts and direct sunlight. 
Some Tips 
  • Flowers should always be added ‘one stem at a time’.
  • Length of the stems can be varied, to create a well-balanced arrangement.
  • All the blooms should face outward.
  • Evenly balance the arrangement all around.
  • The flowers should be inserted into the foam at different angels.
  • Change the water in the vase every three days.
  • For changing the water, place the vase in the sink. Add water till vase overflows and the water runs clear.
  • Every time you change the water of the vase, add a fresh packet of floral preservative to it.

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