Window treatments are the perfect tools to impart a beautiful look to the windows. Read further and get ideas for window treatment designs and patterns.

Window Treatment Ideas

It is said that the eyes of an individual serve as the window to his soul. The same way, windows serve as the world’s eyes to the soul of a house. It provides the perfect opening through which the world can look inside your house and have an idea about the inhabitants. A simple window, devoid of even the usual curtains, means that no one lives inside a house. On the other hand, a window with plush curtains and rich detailing gives a hint that the residents of a house love a life of luxury. In other words, the patterns and designs that you use as window treatments reflect your taste, class, standing in the society, and so on. In the following lines, we have provided a number of ideas to help you decorate your windows.
Window Treatment Ideas
If you want a minimal, simplistic look for your windows, why not go for blinds. These days, blinds are available in a number of textures, patterns and designs. Not only do they give you home a cozy feeling, but also help keep the harsh rays of afternoon sun away.
Use Color
Mostly, we see people using neutral shades for window treatments, mainly with the aim of playing it safe. Don’t shy away from using colors, as colorful window treatments can make even the dullest of homes look interesting. You can also combine colors, while making sure that they are from opposite sides of the color wheel. For example, combine golden honeycomb with deep aubergine
In case you want to stick to neutral colors, using varying textures can give a very good result. You can try combining earthy bronze color in silk, with creamy color in sheer georgette. The resulting look will be elegant and suave, and also bring simplicity to your rooms.
Space between Corner Windows
Many houses have corner windows, with space in-between. In most of the cases, we end up wasting that precious spot, by leaving it bare. However, you can add to the look of your room by using honeycomb shades at the place or even let the draperies of the two windows hang in the corner.
Small is Not Unusable
Who said small windows cannot look attractive. In fact, you can use window treatments to make them look bigger or wider than they actually are and also add to their beauty. Use light-colored panels, which start from above the window and sweep down till the floor, for adding length. In case of narrow window, get panels that are wider than the window and hold them open, with tiebacks.
Last, but not the least, are the accessories. Be it people or windows, accessories are those magical things that can transform their look completely. Paying attention to details like ring tops, prominent wood poles, finials and brackets can make the windows of room look very appealing. You can also add valances to the windows to impart a rich look.

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