Bay windows look exotic and add to the inviting ambience of your home. Explore the article to know some ideas on bay window treatment options, to make them look all the more attractive.

Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Bay windows are used to give a unique and exotic look to the interiors of a house. Basically a window space that projects outward from the main walls of a building, it is available in plenty of attractive styles, which include pleated panels with foam backing, tab top drapes, etc. Such windows often result in a bay in the room, which is either square or polygonal in plan. While bay windows look extremely attractive as it is, their appeal can be enhanced to quite an extent by using the correct treatments. This article lists some very useful ideas for bay window treatments, which will enhance the beauty of your stunning windows.
Bay Window Treatment Options
Shades, Blinds
Shades are available in different styles, including roll-up shades, elaborate cascading fan shades, tailored pleated shades, relaxed Roman shades, and full balloon shades. Roller shades and pleated fabric shades nearly disappear when they are raised, which makes them a perfect choice for windows where you want to bring in maximum sunlight and flaunt a stunning vista. Roman shades, on the other hand, add an element of pattern and color, alongside a touch of softness, without overshadowing other things. Billowing balloon shades and cascading fan shades can be used for a soothing romantic look.
Solid wood panels can be used to make plantation shutters for your bay windows, which will give you complete privacy and also block the excess sunlight. The shutters can also be fitted in fabric panels, inserted into a wooden frame. Some of these bay window treatments open completely, just like a cabinet door, while others hinge in the middle, with the back folding within the frame. Sliding shutters can be used to work like sliding patio doors, in which one door slides behind the other.
Combination Treatments
You are at liberty to manipulate the apparent shape and size of your bay windows, through combination treatments. An inside-mount shade will make the window appear in its actual size, whereas an outside-mount frame will make your window look larger than it is. Hanging a valance above the window will not let the bottom edge of the fabric cover the top of the window glass fully and such an installation will make your window appear tall. Conversely, if you want to make your window appear smaller, hang the valance in such a way that the top edge falls just slightly above your window's frame, with more of the fabric covering the glass.
Bay Window Decoration Tips
Decorating the area around the bay is very important to add that special effect. In fact, adding the finishing touches to the bay window will help you get that gorgeous look and make your bay window area supremely attractive. You can place a beautiful big plant in the bay area. A number of small plants will also look nice, when the sunlight falls on them. A small-sized side table and a nicely cushioned window seat will enhance the ambience of the area further. If you have less space, hang paintings and place decorative vases in the area.

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