The process of choosing window curtains should, most importantly, factor in the purpose and look of the curtains. Explore the article to find some useful tips on how to choose window curtains.

How To Choose Window Curtains

Choosing the right widow curtains for your house is very important, as they impart elegance, style and effect to your room. Two things that you need to keep in mind before zeroing in on the curtains for your house are the purpose to be served by the curtains and their style suitability. You may want your curtains to add character to your room and at the same time, block outside light partially or completely. Similarly, the style of curtain that will suit your room the best is equally considerable. Apart from that, your budget, the overall décor of the house and fabric convenience are the other factors that need to be kept in mind. Read the article to find some more valuable tips on how to choose window curtains.
Choosing Window Curtain 
  • If you want curtains that can ensure some privacy, go for the heavier ones, with a lining. Tiebacks can be added, when you want to peep out of the window or allow the sunlight in. A heavily lined curtain can be used to block sunlight from entering the room as well. You can purchase the liners separately and hang them behind the curtains. A roller shade can also be hung behind the curtains for extra darkness.
  • Decorative curtains can add a designer feel to your home. A simple window dressing can prove to be your best bet in this case. Purchase a decorative curtain rod with fancy finials. Hang a long swag across the rod, to make it dangle on both sides of the rod and reach the floor. You can also hang it alone, without the curtains, if you so desire.
  • Sheer curtains are a good option to accent a room. Choose a fancy curtain rod and just hang the curtains therein. These curtains can be hung in a variety of ways. Sheers will not block light, they are rather airy. To enhance the decorative appeal, you can go for sheers with extensive embroidery. Rings, tab-top, or simple gathered curtains can also be tried.
  • Multiple window curtains are a nice option for giving a dressier look to your abode. They can be treated in a variety of ways. A complementary scarf can be hung on the rod, along with the curtains. Another option is to hang two rods and add sheer curtains behind a set of privacy curtains. Different types of blinds and shades can be combined with the curtains for a more stylish appearance. For instance, a Roman shade in a complimentary color or pattern, hung behind the curtains, will look extremely classy.
  • You may want curtains for delineating a portion of your house or for covering a closet without doors. Choose a thick curtain for the purpose, which is not see-through. Curtains made of velvet or with backings will suit this purpose well. This will also help give your room a spacious appearance.
  • Those dwelling in studio apartments may want to use curtains for the purpose of dividing space, like separating the sleeping area from the dining area. You can suspend poles from the ceiling and hand the curtains, for the purpose. Tiebacks will be good option to make the curtains look attractive and add effect to the room. Choose a heavy curtain and hang double panels on the other side of the curtains to make the decorative side face out on both sides of the curtain divider.

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