Removing pet smell from your carpets is not too tough a task, provided you have the right tips handy. Read on to know how to remove pet odor from carpet, in detail.

How To Remove Pet Odor From Carpet

All the pet owners are aware of the fact that it is very difficult to keep the carpets clean, when there is a cat or a dog running around the house at all times. Apart from the dirt, there is another problem that attaches itself to a carpet, because of pets, and that is pet odor. It is mainly caused by the bacteria that continue to stick to the carpet fibers, even after your pet has left the place. In case you have been grappling with this problem for long, but to no avail, then this article will come to your rescue. Go through the following lines and know how to remove pet odor from carpet.
Removing Pet Smell From Your Carpets
Baking Soda
In case you have short pile carpets at home, using baking soda is a good idea to get rid of the pet smell from them. For the purpose, all you need to do is sprinkle a heavy layer of baking soda over the entire carpet. Now, leave it undisturbed for sometime, say two or three hours. In case you can leave on the baking soda overnight, all the more better. Now, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The baking soda will absorb all the smell from your carpet. When you use the vacuum cleaner, then along with the soda, it will suck up the pet odor as well.
Steam Cleaner
If you feel that sprinkling the baking soda all over your carpet and then vacuum cleaning it is a cumbersome task, then it is a good idea to make use of a steam cleaner. If you do not want to purchase it, simply rent it. Apart from being easy to use, it is also suitable for longer carpets, unlike the baking soda method. Not only will it help you remove the pet odor from the carpet, but clean it of other dirt as well, leaving it sparkling clean. You can also use the steam cleaner over your sofa, to get rid of dirt and odor, if any.
Pet-odor-neutralizing Powder
Yet another option for getting rid of pet smell from the carpet is to make use of enzyme-containing pet-odor-neutralizing powder. Such powders contain live bacteria and enzymes, which assimilate odor-causing protein and bacteria. As the bacteria and enzymes are removed from the deepest fibers of the carpet, you are left with a clean smelling floor cover. Many-a-times, they also help get rid of the discoloration in the carpet, if any. You can also use borax in place of these powders, but the former is not as much effective.
Odor Prevention
  • Always keep your pets clean, by giving them regular baths. At the same time, dry them completely with a towel after they come in from a bath or getting wet in the rain.
  • Any mess created by your pet must be cleaned on an immediate basis, that too with a deodorizing cleaner.
  • As far as possible, try to keep your pets away from the carpeted rooms. No pets, no smell!
  • Vacuum clean your carpets on a regular basis, to prevent the odors from settling in.
  • You can protect your carpet from absorbing odors in the first place, by making use of a special fiber sealant.

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