It is difficult to get rid of a tree stump, because trees have deep roots, which keep them alive even after being cut down. Read the article to know tips on how to kill a tree stump forever.

How To Kill A Tree Stump

Most of the times, you cannot kill a tree just by cutting it down. Trees continue to re-sprout from their roots, even after being felled, as it is their strategy of survival and reproduction. In urban settings, it is not possible to let a stump remain, to grow back once again. In other words, elimination from roots is the only way to get rid of a tree. However, getting rid of a tree stump becomes difficult because of the tendency of trees to keep growing. The article comes up with some tips to get rid of that stubborn tree stump that is spoiling the beauty of your beautiful yard. Go through them and know how to kill a tree stump.
How To Get Rid Of A Tree Stump
  • Since trees have very deep roots, it is almost impossible to kill them, precisely the reason why the tree stump keeps growing. Applying some Epsom salt or rock salt on the roots is helpful in killing them and also prevents the stump from growing. Cut the tree stump to the ground level and apply some salt on it. Now, cover it with dirt, and in all possibilities, it will not grow back again.
  • Chopping is another way to get rid of a tree stump. Chop the stump so that it reaches the ground level. Now, set the stump on fire and add burning items, such as rubber and wood in it. Keep the fire going in till the stump is completely burnt.
  • Chop the stump to the ground level and mask it with a black plastic feed store bucket. Put something heavy on the top of the bucket, so that it is not blown off. This will not let the stump receive sunlight, which is essential for the process of re-sprouting. Eventually, the stump will die.
  • Another way is to kill the stump naturally. Drill holes in the stump and put a high nitrogen fertilizer in them. Nitrogen will feed the fungi in the stump, which will decompose the wood. The stump should, however, remain moist for the development of fungi. For decaying the stump faster, building a compost pile will help.
  • There is a hollowing method for killing the stumps as well, but it gives late results. In this method, the stump of the tree is made hollow and stuffed with potting soil. Now, use the hole to grow plants. Till the plants are watered and fertilized, the stump will keep alive. Later, the absence of water and fertilizers will decompose it.
  • A caustic soda solution will also help in getting rid of tree stump. Prepare such a solution, with one part caustic soda and two parts water. Pour generous amount of the solution on the stump. You will have to use the solution 3-4 times, to kill the stump completely.
  • You also have the option of using a stump grinder to remove the tree stump. The grinder will grind the stump into sawdust. You can later use the sawdust for a variety of gardening and agricultural purposes.

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