Sometimes, killing a tree becomes necessary because of the infringement of beetles, insects and fungus. However, it should definitely be the last option. Read below to learn how to kill a tree.

How To Kill A Tree

In present times, killing a tree should merit the strictest punishment, maybe at par with killing a man. With rapid deforestation and increasing pollution threatening to suffocate the earth, the dearth of forest cover has already led to a drastic effect on the climate. In this grim and certainly scary scenario, it is only the survival of trees that can ensure the survival of the human race also. As such, every standing tree is worth its weight in gold. Trees are a necessity, as apart from providing shade and breeze, they also bestow us with our means of living. They also lend a very tranquil and peaceful look to the surrounding. However, sometimes killing a tree becomes necessary. A tree can sometimes pose a risk to the house or other property, when it grows overtly huge. Its roots may dig deep and damage important pipelines. Sometimes, infestation of insects and fungus, increasing danger of a storm uprooting a tree can also be the reason for killing a tree. In such cases, though how much you may love the tree, it makes sense to kill the tree so as to protect life and property from any damage. Such recourse, however, one must remember, should be the last option, for nothing can replace a fallen tree. Given below in the article are various ways in which you can kill a tree.
Tree Killing Methods
Method 1
Using a drill, drill several ½ inch holes around the circumference of the tree trunk. Drill the holes after every two feet. Now, fill them with nitrogen fertilizer. With time, fungus would grow in the holes and decompose the wood. This is however a very lengthy process and may take about four to six weeks, depending on the size of the tree.
Method 2
Girdling the tree is also very effective in killing it. You can do this by removing the bark, at least a foot of it around the middle of the trunk. This method works well for trees like poplar, pine and oak, as the tree can be easily removed and dried, when it is taken down.
Method 3
Using copper nails is another way of killing the tree. For this, you need to use as many large copper nails as you can. Drill them into the trunk of the tree. This will help in allowing the fungus to enter the tree and decomposing it.
Method 4
Drill several holes into the stump of the tree and any exposed root. Now fill the holes with coarse salt and cover with either sand or aluminum foil. This will kill the tree in a week or two. Salt can also be applied by mixing it with water and pouring it around the tree trunk. Do this at least three to four times, until the results become visible. However, be careful while putting the salt, as the soil surrounding the tree may be harmed.
Method 5
Drill at least fifteen holes, using half an inch bit at a 45 degree angle. Make sure to drill deep holes. Next fill the holes with herbicide using a funnel. If the tree is large, then it would take about two weeks to die, while a small tree will normally die in a week. You can also apply the herbicide by cutting a ring around the trunk at least an inch deep. Apply the herbicide to the ring.
Method 6
Paving the ground above the tree roots is also a good method of killing the tree. Pave the ground right up to the bark, so that the tree growth is shunted and the tree is suffocated.
Method 7
The best method to kill the tree is of course to cut it using a chainsaw. However, it the tree is too large or there is danger of damaging property by the tree fall, then this method is not feasible.

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