You cannot really kill a fly using chopsticks. To know more on how to kill a fly, check out the following tips on how to get rid of these buzzing creatures for good.

How To Kill A Fly

Does the very thought of pesky little flies humming around your hovel shiver your timbers and gets you all miffed and wired? Flies are irrefutably the peskiest and irritating of all creatures. Agreed, that they do not bite or sting. However, flies are much worse than that. These little creatures land on everything and anything including food etc, thus making them the most annoying housemates to live with. Once they settle in, they are almost impossible to drive away or worse kill. With those sharp senses, slow-moving eyes, quick wings and amazing surviving skills, flies are indeed the most difficult insects to shoot down. All said and done, doing away with these insects is easier than flying a rocket, and with little patience and loads of practice, you can easily toss off these house pests from your lives for good. To know more on how to kill a fly, read on.
Getting Rid Of Flies
Roll up your magazine!
Getting rid of pesky little buzz-flies may at time take more than just an annoying huff or an aimless smack! One of the best weapons to boot out these squatters for good is to fling a rolled up bundle of newspaper or a magazine and flack the fly with a loud thud.  Just wait for the fly to settle on an even surface, then quickly roll up a magazine or a newspaper, and firmly flap the paper on it. You may not get the fly in the very first shot. However, remember, practice makes a man perfect. So try, try and try until you hit your target!
Get The Swatter!
Are the flies bugging all good sense out of you? Forget the chintzy plastic swatters and switch on to leather flyswatters to do away with your ‘arch-fly’ for good. Just get hold of a swatter from your neighborhood pest control center and strike it hard every time the fly lands on your patio chair or dinner table. You can also use electric flyswatters to electrocute these pests. Just aim the wire mesh towards the fly and give it a shock of its life.
Use Your Hands
Cannot stand the sight of flies on your kitchen tops, toilet seat and fruit bowl? Just go for these annoying beings hands on and swat them to death for good. Just position your hands couple of inches above the fly with your palms facing each other, and thwack the fly as soon as it leaves the ground. Firmly hold your palms together for some time and then ease the grip to drop the dead fly. And yes, don’t forget to wash your hands with a gentle sanitizer.
Blaze Them!
Remember the famous quote, “It's easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar”? Probably one of the easiest ways to kill these annoying creatures is to tempt them. Just pile up the extra garbage, fruit peels, rotten food and other wastes in one corner of your backyard and set fire to the pile to incinerate these wily creatures.

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