Come summer and houseflies are the uninvited guests that you must deal with. Read the article given below to know more on how to get rid of houseflies.

How To Get Rid Of House Flies

Which is more annoying – the mosquito or the house fly? Well answer to this taxing question is as troublesome as the flies and mosquitoes themselves. Both can irritate you to death with their constant buzzing or can surely kill you with loads of diseases that they carry. Most people can bear the mosquito, not the housefly. The simple reason is that mosquitoes are very easy to kill. No one can ever sneak behind a housefly unless with a swat, and that too requires practice. Of course, nobody would like a messy squashed fly on their hands even if you can manage to hit it. During summer months when a gentle wind blows who can miss the delight of sitting under a tree and having a picnic. Or, resting in a hammock in the porch, lazing away the Sunday afternoon. However, this delight would be short lived if you are bombarded by a swarm of flies, attacking you like kamikazes. No matter what you do, they won’t leave you. House flies are a very determined lot. Nothing short of death can rid you of them. This is why it is better to take measures to get rid of them before they start spoiling your leisure. One thing, which you can do, is to stop inviting them by keeping food in the open, garbage strewn around the house or any such billboards that make the flies sit up and take notice. To help you more in this, read the article given below to learn the tips on eliminating house flies.
Home Remedies For House Flies
  • Garbage is a magnet for house flies. So, get rid of garbage from the house. Any organic garbage, like kitchen waste will attract flies, so, have a proper garbage disposal. Dispose of anything that can lead to the growth of mold.
  • The insides of your trashcans must be sprayed with aerosol fly spray. However, be careful, as the aerosol fly spray can be toxic. Also, check to see if there are any maggots breeding. Use the spray to destroy the maggots also, as the maggots develop into flies.
  • To kill the flies inside the house use a fly swat. It is one of the best methods as the fly swats are non-toxic, quiet, swift, and deadly.
  • Another effective method is to set fly traps around the house. Flytraps came with a special bait that attract the flies with their smell. Once the fly enters the trap, they can’t get out. After, a large number of flies are baited then empty the trap regularly.
  • Cleanliness is the best weapon to counter flies. So, always keep a clean house. With no dirt to feed on, the flies will leave you alone. 
Natural Method
  • Make your own homemade trap to get rid of flies.
  • Take an apple, whole cloves, and a plate.
  • Poke a few cloves into the apple and then place it on a plate. The flies simply cannot bear the smell of cloves and so will leave the area.
  • During summer when the flies are numerous, place a few of these in the windows and doors, which will deter the flies from coming in.
  • Another method is to turn off all the lights in the house while leaving the light in a small room like the bathroom, on. The flies will converge in the small room and then you can go on swatting.
  • During summer, the flies hang onto the ceilings and walls at night. During this time, they can be caught very easily. What you require is dish soap, water and a glass. In the glass, prepare the soapy water with lots of foam on the top. Now go near the fly and cover it with the glass. While trying to escape, the fly will drown in the soapy water.
  • Seal all the entry points through which flies can enter. This is a little difficult as flies can enter through any small openings. So, hang screens on the windows.
  • Ultraviolet trap is another good option. The UV rays attract the flies, and once inside the trap they get zapped.
  • Only when all the other alternatives fail should you use insecticide. In homes, it is very risky. Use it only when you face large swarms of flies. If you want to use insecticide then look for professional help.
  • Another interesting way to get rid of flies is to release a parasitoid wasp. The wasps locate the fly while it is in its pupal stage and stings the pupa to death. They effectively stop the breeding of flies. This is not a viable option in homes but in farms, which are an ideal ground for flies, it can be used to a very good effect.

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