Fruit flies are common creatures present almost anywhere where food is present. Adamant in nature, it's hard getting rid of fruit flies in your house. Read how to get rid of fruit flies.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are the most common creatures that can be found around food. These peculiar, uninvited guests are adamant in their nature. Once they have found a place, it's very hard to remove them from that area. The best resort is to take some preventive measures. Preserving food in air tight containers and finishing the food or throwing them away before rotting are the best way to avoid the flies attack. However, there are times when, even after talking preventive measures, fruit flies seem to be persistent. This makes it very hard getting rid of fruit flies in your home. In the following lines, we have listed some easy ways that will help you know how to get rid of fruit flies.
Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your House 
  • Cleanliness is very important. Make sure you clean your beer and soda bottles before storing them. Fruit flies love them and are attracted to them a lot.
  • If fruit flies are persistent, set a trap for them. Pour little red wine in a shallow bowl, which is covered by a plastic wrap. Make a few holes in the wrap. Flies are attracted to the wine. Once inside they would not be able to come out. You can also use banana or apple cider vinegar, as a substitute to wine.
  • You can try the above mentioned technique in a different style, using different ingredients as well. Combine 1 pint milk, 1/4 lb raw sugar and 2 ounces ground pepper in a saucepan and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Pour it in a shallow dish and watch the flies getting attracted to it and consequently, suffocating themselves.
  • You can choose another alternative. Pour 1/4 cup white vinegar and a pinch of liquid dishwashing detergent in a cup. Slowly, add water, till the bubbles reach the top of the cup. Fruit flies will be attracted to it, but would die consequently.
  • You can even spray your house with diluted lemongrass oil. Just add 10 drops of oil to 2 ounces of hot water. It would not only get rid of fruit flies, but also spiders, ants and other creepy crawlers.
  • You can hang fly strips with both their sides exposed to flies. Fruit flies would stick to them and die.

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