Are you game for adding a different intrinsic beauty to your backyard? Go for a Japanese garden and let your friends go gaga over your new prized possession. Find some Japanese gardening ideas here.

Japanese Gardening

If you love playing with the mud and take enough pleasure in enjoying the end products, it is time to try out a different type of gardening! Give Japanese gardening a try and see what persona and style your garden exudes. You will surely love the jealous look and yearning eyes on your friends’ faces. Also, while most of you will simply love the beauty of this type of a garden, little does anyone know what internal peace each element radiates? Japanese gardens boast of water, rocks and plants that exude peace, calm, simplicity and grace. The most striking feature of such gardens is the absence of bright colors, which could have otherwise distracted meditation. So, whether you want to sit, dream, think or yawn, the peaceful and earthy elements of a Japanese garden would simply contribute to your leisure activities. Given here are some ideas for implanting a Japanese garden into your plain and bland backyard. Check them out!
Ideas For Japanese Garden
The main element in a typical Japanese garden is the rock. Find out some rocks that are attractive and of varying sizes and shapes. After all, you wouldn’t want to stare at something boring for hours since Japanese gardens are meant for meditation, right! Place the rocks in a visually interesting pattern that will catch your attention for a longer duration. To complement the rocks, place some sand in the shallow bed and rake it into patterns resembling water waves such that the rocks seem to break the easy-flowing patterns.
Asian gardens are synonymous with different moods of water. Thus, you can see water exhibited in still pools to bubbling brooks to playful fountains in all Asian-style gardens. This feature is no different in the case of Japanese gardens as well. Water plays differently with different emotions inducing a soothing rhythm to the backyard. Create a natural habitat by adding a bamboo water fountain. You can also add a gazing pond, allowing the koi or Japanese carp to multiply. Arrange the pond or fountain such that it exhibits a magnificent landscape in miniature. Give it a natural look by creating a windy and curvy-looking hilly terrain. Before you proceed towards giving your garden a makeover, consider what better suits your taste.
Plants & Trees
Japanese gardening uses less of showy plants unlike others which reveal lots of vibrancy and brightness. Generally, muted colors and traditional Asian plants are preferred, such as bamboo, pine trees, Dogwood, Azalea, moss, Japanese Black Pine, junipers. For a more modern Japanese look, you can choose from Japanese maples, cherry blossoms, hydrangea, ferns and hosta.
Additional Japanese Elements
Japanese garden ideas generally include natural materials that blend well with the garden and landscape. Thus, most of the elements used in Japanese gardens are considered to be symbols of such a garden style. Enhance your garden further by adding one or two of the garden accessories, such as rain chains, stone lanterns, spiral walkways, stepping stones, tea house or meditation house, garden bridge and bamboo fencing. Give them a try and add drama to your garden space!

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