Japanese-style bathroom is practical, compact and exudes warmth. Read on to explore Japanese bathroom design ideas.

Japanese Bathroom Design

There was a time when the bath used to be the centerpiece in any Japanese home, just like a fireplace in any American home. There are many Japanese who still make use of bathhouses, for washing themselves up. Those who have the luxury of a bathroom within their home consider it as a very important room. It serves as the room where they can relax, with a warm bath. Japanese bathroom designs have also beautifully blended the modern and traditional designs and improvised themselves accordingly. In case you are planning to design your bathroom in the Japanese style, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, like they have separate compartments for toilet and bath. In the following lines, we have provided some more tips and ideas on Japanese bathroom design, just for you!
Japanese Style Bathroom Design Ideas
Separate Bath
The first thing that you need to keep in mind, while designing a Japanese bathroom is that the toilet bowl will not be in the same room as the bathtub. Japanese people consider this to be utterly disgusting. For them, bathroom means the room in which you only bathe.
Deep Tub
One of the primary installations in a Japanese bathroom comprises of a deep tub, which is used solely for soaking purposes, not washing. Without this, a bathroom is considered to be useless. The tub in a Japanese bathroom is, more often than not, made of seasoned wood.
On-demand Water Heater
These days, you will find on-demand water heaters in most of the Japanese bathroom, which heat water only when required. So, this will be another major installation that you need to pay attention to, while creating a Japanese-style bathroom in your home.
Variety and Creativity
In a Japanese bathroom, you would always find a wide variety of designs being used. The types of tubs, toilets and showers are also played with, to spark creativity and create an interesting room. So, you have the freedom to go ahead and play with your imagination. You can accessorize the bathroom in your own way, without going overboard with anything.
If you want to create a traditional Japanese bathroom, forget about shower and showerheads. They make use of pails to wash themselves and enter the tub only after cleaning themselves thoroughly. However, you might use showers if you want a contemporary Japanese bath.
The lighting in the bathroom can be a general light for the entire bathroom. However, task lighting should be done around the vanity and shower areas. This will allow more ease during shaving or application of makeup. Lighting fixtures around the shower area should be waterproof. Go for a simple design while choosing the bathroom fixtures.
As for paint color in your Japanese bathroom, earthy colors and warm tones will give a soothing effect. The bathroom can be accented by keeping rocks in vases with green leaves and plush towels hanging from the rod. However, guard against over doing anything, as Japanese bathroom designs are minimalist.

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