Looking forward to relaxing in a luxury bathroom? Go through the article and find some luxury bathroom design ideas at your disposal.

Luxury Bathroom

Imagine coming from a long tiring day at office and rejuvenating your body in a luxurious bathroom! Does this picture elude you often? Not any more!! It is not always that you have to go to a five-star hotel or spa to experience such a delight. Luxury bathroom can also be created within the privacy of your home. Little changes and a nose for perfection can completely change the look of your old bathroom, paving way for a new, luxury one. Though designing a luxury bathroom at home is a tough job, it can be made easy if you resort to the tips and ideas given below.
Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas
While creating a luxury bathroom, flooring is the first consideration you need to make. Instead of opting for the normally-used marble, which is porous, slippery and needs to be polished at least once a year, you should go for alternatives like bamboo, stone, wood, glass, tile and ceramic. They are wonderful to look at and also give a sumptuous look to the bathroom.
While whites and pastels are the hot favorites for a bathroom, you can use bold colors and textured paints as well, to revamp your restroom into a luxurious one. However, remember that the color you opt for the walls should go well with the flooring and accessories in the bathroom.  
Rugs provide a gentle and smooth feeling to the feet. They also add to the luxury effect, by giving the bathroom color, texture and life. There are umpteen varieties in the style and color of area rugs. Choose one according to the design and color of your bathroom.
Scented Candles
Oh, it’s so romantic! How many times have you said this when you have come across a luxurious bathroom, lighted with scented candles? So, why not create the same effect in your own bathroom! Scented candles are perfect for adding to the calming effect of a magnificent bathroom. They give just the ideal aroma, fragrance and of course, light!
Plants and Flowers
The beauty of plants and flowers add to the glamour of a luxury bathroom. Apart from giving a soothing feel, they also act as great decorative items. You can use natural plants if your bathroom gets enough sunlight. If not, go for the silk version of plants and flowers, which are just the perfect replacement. 
Place cushy chairs or benches at one side of the bathroom. They help you relax before as well as after baths. However, you need to make sure that they match the overall décor of your bathroom.
Massaging shower heads, saunas, sunken tubs, heated floor tile, towel warmers, mirrored televisions, fog less mirrors, glass sinks, telephone, built-in hair dryer and chandelier lighting are the best accessories for a luxury bathroom. Make sure you have a stereo system as well, to relax with soothing music, while enjoying a hot bath.

Now, all you need to do is light the candles, slip inside your bath tub, switch on some soothing music and relax your tensed nerves! Enjoy the blissful experience!

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