Asian-style theme is the latest in-thing as far bathroom designs are concerned. Read on and get some great ideas for Asian inspired bathroom.

Asian Inspired Bathroom

Bathroom is often the most ignored room in the house. To think of it, we spend a large amount of our time in the bathroom. After our bedroom, it is the first room that we see after waking up as well as before going to bed. Just like a warm bath has the ability to soothe your senses, a well designed and comfortable bathroom can make you feel very much relaxed. This is one of the main reasons why Asian inspired bathrooms have become the flavor of the season. They emphasize on simplicity and center on clean lines and natural elements. In the following lines, we will provide you various designs and ideas for an Asian-style theme bathroom.
Asian Inspired Bathroom Ideas
Simplicity is the Key
When we talk about Asian style bathroom, it should be remembered that simplicity is what works the best. Here, the keyword is ‘less is more’ and ‘practicality’. It is the place where you should have the least clutter. In fact, the bathroom should serve as your retreat from the other over-stuffed rooms of your house and make you feel relaxed.
Natural Elements
Asian theme bathrooms pay emphasis on natural elements, whether it is flooring or fixtures. As the building material, natural element of stone is amongst the most preferred ones. Apart from that, accent open floors and countertops with green plants or a running fountain is something that you can use to give your bathroom an Asian look.
Bring the Nature In
As mentioned earlier, the concept of Asian bathroom is all about maintaining harmony with nature. If possible, design the bathroom is such a way or build it at such a place in your house that its window overlooks the garden outside. You can also bring the nature indoors, by placing plants in the bathroom or using accents made from wood and stone.
The designs of Asian bathrooms are such that they allow you much versatility in themselves. You can choose a look that ranges from ultra-modern to classic, in its appeal. On one hand, you can use earth tones, with Japanese sensibility, to give a subdued look, on the other; you can go the Chinese way and paint the bathroom red. The choice is entirely yours!

Accessories form one of the main aspects of a room, be it your bathroom or bedroom. You can use shower curtains tumblers, toothbrush holders, wastebaskets and soap dishes imprinted with traditional Asian symbols. Another option is to use black and white accessories and combine them with bath towels and rug in either gold or red. Just make sure that the accessories do not make your bathroom look stuffed.

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