Thinking of redecorating your bedroom? Why not make it Asian style? Maybe then, achieving a state of Zen won’t be so hard! Go through the article and explore décor ideas for Asian style bedroom.

Asian Style Bedroom

Changing the look of your bedroom can be quite a task, especially with limited funds and a small living space. But it is, in fact, very easy to convert your boring bedroom décor into a livable space, by giving it an Asian touch. Asian style bedrooms look simple yet bold and make a great statement. They are stylish yet contemporary which explains the fact as to why people are using them more and more to make changes in their bedroom. An important aspect of this kind of bedroom is its comfort. Materials such as silk, brocade and satin not only add a touch of royalty and excellence to the room, but also provide a very calming effect. A few important colors for this purpose are red, black and gold. Asian bedrooms have a simple and minimalist style. All they need is a little time and a dash of creativity to make a few items that can change your life in the bedroom. So, get ready to shop wisely and redecorate with a few simple suggestions.
Asian Style Bedroom Décor
  • Make sure the Asian influenced bedroom has a bold approach on the walls such as red or gold. Use of an accent color to break the monotony (paint one wall a different color) will also look good. More importantly, the furniture must match the wall color. Black or bamboo colored serve as the preferred choice.
  • Next, add a bamboo shade to your curtains to give it an authentic feel. Other great accents could be folding screens and painted lacquer accessories on the walls. Hanging up a silk embroidered kimono will give the room a very oriental touch. If there is enough place, you could even hang an Asian sword on the wall.
  • The bed linen can either have some Chinese letters or elephants or some scroll on them. Again depending on the wall paint, the color of the quilt can be contrasted. The silk pillows can be either gold with black print or red with black print on them.
  • Place cultural Asian figures around the room, such as elephants or Chinese lanterns. Geisha dolls or any kind of flower arrangement also look good. If you are absolutely keen to keep the oriental look for a long time, you can invest in a Buddha and place it in the room on a bedside table.
  • For an excellent effect, the lighting and sounds must closely coordinate with the senses. Bedrooms need good lighting in the form of lamp shades made with rice paper. You can also place a small fountain with trickling water and oriental music for a soothing effect. Sometimes, to heighten your senses, rose or jasmine petals can be soaked in water to give out the aroma.
  • The rugs or carpets need to be colorful and exotic looking or if you are placing mats, they need to be made of bamboo.
  • Every Asian-inspired room has some indoor greenery in it. So, either place Bonsai or a stalk of bamboo in the room. These are considered lucky for the home.
  • While decorating the rest of your bedroom, use photo frames, vases, bowls, night stands etc all made of lacquer-painted black and designed with delicate flowers.
  • A great touch to the room would be a folding room divider. This depends on how you have decorated the rest of the bedroom. If it is very rich and elegant with colors, then a traditional black and gold or pearl divider would look good. If it is simple, then a rice paper divider with a flower on it would be enough. A room divider can be useful as well as decorative. No matter how is it used, it looks creative and completely Asian.

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