Find few tips and ideas to design a gothic style bedroom.

Gothic Style Bedrooms

Bedroom is a safe haven, a place where you can be yourself. The relaxation that you get on the bed made of logs with the mattress so high and the sheets that entice you, give you a feeling of calmness and serenity. When you enter your bedroom your worries vanish into thin air, partly because of the décor that you choose for your resting place. Decoration is a personal choice and one popular preference that people like is gothic theme for their bedrooms. You don’t have to be pale faced young Goth to appreciate the dark sensuality or medieval historical appeal of a gothic bedroom. You can become romantic with a gothic style bedroom, built in like a cave, dark, hibernating place with pieces of gothic items, and a cozy mess. What a dreamy morning one can experience with the orchids blooming on the iron windowsills. The dark colored curtains flowing freely, ushering in the spring. Real gothic style architecture is solid, ornate, eternal, and somber. A huge advantage with gothic style of decoration is it doesn’t have to be perfect, as Dracula never hired a designer for his castle dungeon. Having said that gothic style doesn’t necessarily mean being uncomfortable.  Do you want to sleep in a gothic castle, or love the medieval look? Then read the article to have an idea, and options to design your gothic style bedroom.   
Gothic Style Bedroom Decor
  • For gothic style bedroom use dark color tones in contrast. The colors associated with gothic style are black, red and grey. These colors have to be used in moderation and in contrast as they can be dark and uncomfortable during summers.
  • Gothic style lighting has dark and deep fixtures with intricate figural themes. You can decorate your bedrooms with matching lighting in dark colors.
  • Proper use of mirrors can be very practical and highly effective. With proper placement they can give an impression of a castle window. You can also place them in such a way so as to mount gothic accessories like skulls, spiders, etc.
  • The furniture used for gothic style bedroom is made up of wood and cast iron. Gothic style cabinets for storage and armories can add character to the room while also being practical. Furniture made of wrought iron adds a touch of antiqueness to it. Crosses and door decorations made with wrought iron give it a prehistoric look.
  • You can also include accessories like the candle stand, gothic style emblems, side tables, spider webs. A gothic style huge fan can also bring life to the bedroom and can be changed easily for practical reasons when you decide to change the décor.
  • Your bedding pattern can be of a stately design, crests or stripes or simply dark colors with lots of laces, fringe work and velvet. You can have an assortment of billowy pillows with fringe drapes and lacy coverings on the four posts of the large beds.
  • In the gothic style bedroom, selecting accessories and furniture will refine your gothic interiors. You can add baroque with dark colored mahogany furniture. You can add wall hangings, posters, artwork, and old standbys for your gothic design. 
  • The flooring can be done in gothic style by adding area rugs in dark color. You can drape your windows with full, billowy, panels of laces peeking out through velvet or satin curtains. The colors of the curtains should be dark complementing your bedding. The curtains should be free flowing.  
  • You can decorate your walls with poster, prints and paintings with medieval theme in ornate frames. These can include paintings of kings, queens, dragons, swords, crests, vampires and Dracula, to name a few.
  • Dark gothic influences on home décor include skeletons, graves, coffins, angels, fire, demons, religious props and skulls. You can capture a hint of death with spark of life by using symbolic treasures to confine a morose bedroom theme.
  • For a romantic gothic bedroom theme you can use black roses, feathers, ravens, hearts, and bats as they are accepted items in this theme. Candles can be placed in sconces, candelabras and other wrought iron holders to set the mood.
  • If you want a dark gothic bedroom décor you can creatively use coffins for couches, storage chests and entertainment centers. You can choose black color furniture with lacquered wood frames.
  • For finishing touches add gargoyle figures hanging over shelves, dark carved wood accessories, bronze statues, heavy fabrics, and cast iron antiques items. Do not forget to add plants. 

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