If you thought that gothic home decor was all about creepy cobwebs, spooky skulls and eerie black, checking out the following write-up on gothic home décor ideas will change the way you think.

Gothic Home Decor

Whether you wish to bring down the majestic aura of the ‘Victorian Goth’ to your living room or add a spookier "Nightmare Before Christmas" feel to your boudoir, adding lush drapes, stark colors and tons of accessories to your space can leave you with little to be desired. You do not really need to go high on vampires and zombies or bet on cheap and cheesy halloween decorations to forge the forbidden aura of the dark and the demonic. Just a little sensuality intertwined with eerie gothic glam can leave your pad tastefully furnished and decked. Unleash the dark in you! Give your house an ‘I-Me-Myself’ look by fusing medieval whimsy with mystery and bring out the goth in you. Whether you are bored of urban minimalism or simply loathe the idea of classic sophistication, switching on to gothic décor can transform your den into a unique retreat. Surf through these gothic home décor ideas and unleash the darker side of you.
Gothic Home Decor Ideas 
  • You do not really need to paint your pad stark black to show your gothic allegiance! Agreed that nothing defines gothic better than black!  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you turn your house into a spooky, dingy den to steam up the eerie fun. Get creative not scary! Experiment with hues like silver, violet, blood red, gray and even midnight blue to lend a touch of warm elegance to your walls. You can create accent walls to add character to your living space or go all the way creative and customize stonewalls by dabbing a little gray on your black bulwarks for a more goth-like appeal.
  • Wish to bring down the magnificence of the gothic era into your personal space? If yes, then make sure to add plenty of pointed arches, elaborate tracery, columns, intricate carvings, large chests, dark wood armoire, sideboards and loads of antique furniture to your room. You can use heavy wooden furniture made of mahogany, rosewood, walnut, oak, and cherry or use iron furnishings in black, silver, brown or white for added effect. Add sumptuous divans, exquisite floor pillows, elegant chaise lounge, dainty settees and tiny gilt tables to recreate the gothic spell of the historical age.
  • Gothic home décor is all about lush fabrics, stunning silks, dazzling brocades and elegant velvet. Drape your windows, doorways, alcoves and niches with stunning heavy upholstery to create an aura of secretive trysts and hidden desire. Very gothic indeed! Remember, inexpensive, light drapes are an absolute no-no for gothic houses. So you better deck up your cushions, curtains and upholstery in rich fabrics and textures.
  • Gothic décor is all about extra oomph and sinful sophistication! Whip up the classic elegance of gothic age by throwing in interesting artifacts like samovar (Turkish tea urn), nargila, hookah pipe, and other water smoking implements for a lavish style statement. Large oil paintings, framed mirrors cover walls and vintage woven textiles would only add to the gothic aura. For a quintessential gothic feel, do not forget to add the ubiquitous gargoyle with leering eyes and lasciviously rolling tongue, skulls, vampires, taxidermy birds and other mythical beasts.

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