The technique of housekeeping includes more than just cleanliness. Surf through this article to know some top tips for housekeeping.

Housekeeping Tips

What impression would you get when you enter a room that has nothing but scattered stuffs and dirt swaying through every corner? ‘Yuck’ is the first word that you are sure to utter. Now imagine some of your friends coming to your home and viewing the same image of your room? Quite embarrassing, right! Apparently, housekeeping is an art which can be mastered by only a few people. One of the most basic and important part of any household, housekeeping is neglected by most people mainly due to busy and demanding professional lives. Nonetheless, you can follow some simple and useful tips for maintaining your home and bringing peace and harmony to it. Read on further to find some top housekeeping tips.
Good Housekeeping Tips
  • Clean your home regularly to prevent micro-organisms, such as fungi, bacteria and virus attacking your kitchen and bathroom areas. It is best to keep your house hygienic and healthy always, rather than facing an uphill task after dust and germs have accumulated in for months.
  • Opt for hardwood floors that are easy to maintain and last for many years to come.
  • Always clean your garments before storing to make sure that they are free from termites. Add a couple naphthalene balls in your garments before storing them.
  • Do not engage in cleaning the entire house week after week. Prioritize your rooms according to the traffic that enters a particular room. However, kitchen and bathrooms should be your first concern as they require regular disinfection.
  • Proper hygiene of the kitchen is very importance as it is the main source that provides all housemates with the basic nutrition, energy and good health. Make sure that you clean all the spills on the refrigerator, stoves, microwave oven and kitchen platform regularly. The dirty utensils, dishwasher, pots and pans should be rinsed thoroughly.
  • Every time you take a shower or wet the bathroom floor, make sure that you dry it with a sponge mop. Doing so will prevent mildew and moss growing in your bathroom due to continuous moisture. Clean the mirrors and faucets of your bathroom with terrycloth. Clean tile floors with an old toothbrush and detergent.
  • For the toilet and bowl, buy a good disinfectant to clean it thoroughly. Leave the disinfectant in the bowl for about 20 minutes and then scrub to remove all dirt. Flush thereafter.
  • Delegate a particular day to clean the entire house. In case this is not possible, set a daily cleaning schedule allotting every room a different day.
  • Take out some time from your hectic schedule in organizing things in your home and discarding the waste and useless items. Organizing things reduces the chances of piling loads of unnecessary stuff on any surface or floor space.
  • Inculcate a habit of following a few daily chores to minimize the buildup of dirt and clutter. These chores depend on the things that you do everyday. As you wake up, make your bed. Similarly, immediately clean the table, dishes and counters after you are done with your meals. Take off your shoes as you enter your home to avoid dirt dragging throughout the house. Before you retreat back to the bed, put away the clothes that you wore in the hamper, drawer or back on a hanger.

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