Hanging a mirror is easy if you know how to go about it! Read on to know how to hang a mirror.

How To Hang A Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? No reply? Well, maybe that’s because you don’t have a mirror. Or maybe you have a mirror but it’s not where it’s supposed to be because you are not sure about the hanging process. If former is the case then we have a simple advice: Buy a mirror! However if yours is the latter case then the advice would be a tad bit longer than three words. If you are waiting for the local hardware to rescue your gorgeous mirror from its rather unglamorous place in your basement, then you need this article more than anyone. The local guy may not come at all but you can’t let that minute details prolong the misery of your mirror. It’s time you took the bull by the horns and hung the mirror all by yourself. That sounds like liberation. Doesn’t it? Good, so read on for all the help you require in selecting a mirror and its placement for your house. And it’ll definitely help in eliminating that local hardware guy from your mirror-life.
Hanging A Mirror
Selecting A Mirror 
Mirrors are beautiful beings. Yes, you read it right – beautiful beings! They enliven your houses and bring a bright look to their surrounding – but only when properly placed. They can also make your house look cluttered, if placed haphazardly. So a few tips on mirror shopping before mirror hanging. 

Size Matters
Decide what you want? A big mirror or a small one depending upon the space available for a mirror without over cluttering your abode. 

Necessity Breeds Invention 
A full size mirror is a necessity and if you don’t have one then re-arrange your house if required but buy one ASAP. 

Excess Is Bad
Patterned mirrors look great but whether or not you need a patterned mirror depends upon its placement. While a patterned mirror adds class to a simple living room or a well-lit bathroom, it may be a complete turn-off in an overdone living room. 

Simple Is Classy 
A mirror’s beauty would attract beholders only when it is correctly matched with your décor. So don’t ever get carried away by the beauty of a mirror that does not complement your walls. Stick to basics when it comes to a choice between an expensive mismatch and cheap complement.
Hanging A Mirror 
Now that you have selected your mirror, it is about time we graduated to hanging it where it belongs. That’s simple enough. All you have to do is go by the book and the book says follow following steps: 

Trace It To Place It
Trace the mirror and its hangers on large piece of paper and place the traced cutting on the wall where you intend to hang the mirror to ascertain the best placement of the mirror. Make sure that the height is such that the mirror maintains eye level with all your family members – tall and short alike. Once satisfied, tape the paper to the wall. 

Screw It Up 
Look for a stud in the wall where the hanger is marked on the paper and using a hammer, nail in strong nails in the stud. If it’s a dry wall, then you will have to drill in through the paper and place a threaded screw, a screw anchor or expansion bolt or expansion anchor for heavy mirrors or a simple picture hanger for lighter mirrors. Once the desired fastener is fixed and screwed appropriately, you can rip off the paper and hang the mirror on the fasteners. Adjust the mirror and you are good to go.
Glued To Perfection
Alternatively, you can also glue your smaller (especially frameless) mirrors.
  • Cut 2 halves of J-channel equaling the length of your mirror.
  • Locate a stud in the wall and nail in the lower channel first. Make sure it is straight.
  • Nail the upper channel ¼ inch higher than the normal mirror height.
  • Use a mirror-adhesive gun to place glue every 10 inches on the back of the mirror.
  • Insert the top edge of the mirror in the upper J-channel and place it gently on the lower channel while sliding it further.
  • Adjust the mirror immediately before the adhesive takes hold and press the mirror firmly against the wall to spread the adhesive at the back for strong bonding.
  • Wipe of the smudges from the mirror using a newspaper and you are good to go.

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