Hanging pictures on a wall is not at all a simple task. Given here is complete information on how to hang an art picture frame.

How To Hang Pictures

It is said that a ‘Picture speaks a Thousand Word’. Infact, photos are the perfect means through which we remember the bad as well as the good times that we have spent in the past. A picture brings back all the memories of the past. All of us want to keep the good memories with us all the time. What better way to do this than by getting the memorable pictures framed and hang them in a place where you can see them every now and then. However, hanging pictures on the wall is not as easy as it sounds. To help you with this task, we have provided a number of tips and ideas that will tell you how to hang an art picture frame.  
How to Hang Pictures
  • The first step is to decide on the place i.e. the particular wall on which you want to hang the pictures. It is the best to hang heavy pictures from wall stud or beam, rather than the wallboard itself.
  • Mark the exact point where you want to hang the picture with the help of a pencil marker.
  • Get an appropriate hook, depending on the weight of the picture, and hammer it on the marked spot.
  • Hang the picture and adjust it to make sure that it is straight.
Important Tips
  • Pictures should always be hung at the eye level, which is usually considered to be 5’ 6” above the floor.
  • In case of places like office or dining area, where people are seated most of the time, picture frame should be hung at seated eye level.
  • A single picture adorning the wall doesn’t look as appeasing as a group of pictures. Divide the pictures into two or more rows and set them in the shape of a compact box.
  • To make sure that a picture stands out in a group of pictures; give a space of 3 to 5 inches on each of its sides.
  • Create a bit of drama by highlighting the photos with soft lighting. However, make sure that the light is not too bright and doesn’t produce a glare.
  • Make sure to replace the photos that become faded or blurred with time. Rotation is the key to maintaining an interesting display.
  • In case you are hanging a picture frame above a piece of furniture, make sure that the frame is not wider than the latter.
  • Pictures, when hung in a horizontal line, tend to make the wall look larger. This pattern works best in smaller areas and family rooms.
  • For a formal look, hang the pictures in a vertical line. Such a pattern also adds to the illusion of height.
  • Hanging an odd number of pictures, especially small frames, on a wall creates more visual interest.
  • Try to use white or light color mats for the pictures, as they tend to emphasize the art picture frames. However, you might have to use colorful and bright mats also, if the picture so demands. Darker mats look good against light color walls and lighter mat are best against darker walls.
  • To avoid the fading of your pictures, make sure that the frames are hung as far away from sunlight as possible.
  • Picture hooks should be used instead of nails for hanging the picture frames, as they tend to redistribute the weight.
  • While hanging pictures in a group, try alternating between large and small picture frames. It gives a good effect.
  • Whenever you hang more than one picture together, select one to be hung in the center, as the main attraction.

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