Staircase can easily be made the most attractive feature of a house or building. Read this article to get some really cool tips / ideas for stairway decoration.

Decorating Staircase

If decorated and designed imaginatively, a stairway can easily be made the most attractive feature of a house or building. There are two options available for decking up a staircase. First, if you are constructing a new one, you can choose from a number of innovative designs. Second, you can adorn the old staircase in your house in various simple ways. 
Stairway Design Tips
In most homes, you will see the standard stairway which is a simple flight of steps running up to the floor above. But you can dramatize the look by opting for a spiral stairway. Many contemporary homes nowadays have at least one ‘L’ shaped stairway, in which a flight of steps descend into a landing, followed again by another flight of steps further down in some cases. Or you could even choose a ‘U’ shaped staircase in your house.  
Ideas for Decorating a Stairway / Staircase
You can jazz up the appearance of the stairway temporarily or permanently in your house by simple ways.
  • Garlands
The most popular way to adorn a staircase around the world is to warp it’s railing with beautiful garlands. Now the garland could be made out of varied materials like flowers, ribbons, tiny metallic berries and bells, etc.
  • Door Swags
If you have a staircase that breaks into a landing, then you can use door swags at regular intervals. Swag is an ornamental festoon of flowers or fruit.
  • Potted Plants
This idea will work only if the stairway is wide enough to accommodate flower / plant pots and still leaves enough space for one to pass through comfortably. You can use small ornamental flowers for this purpose. But better avoid it if there are small kids in your home.
  • Pictures on the Wall  
You can artistically hang sleekly framed old and new pictures of yourself, your family and even ancestors on the walls adjoining the staircase of your home. It could be pictures of your after having won some competition, a wedding party snap, family get-together and so on.
  • Staircase as Bookshelf
In some houses, you will find a staircase that concludes right after touching the ceiling. The real purpose here is to use the staircase as bookshelves. One can arrange your books neatly along the stairs alternatively. For the bookworm, this is the perfect place to remains engrossed in his world.
  • Use of Handicrafts to Decorate Stairway

There are so many types of handicrafts available that decorating the stairway with these should not be a problem at all. You can hang beautiful masks on the walls here. Arrange baskets at regular intervals. Or position a medium sized statue where the staircase ends.

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