In case you are looking for loft design ideas and styles, you have come to the right place. Check out the contemporary loft design tips given in this article.

Loft Design Ideas

Loft is the name that is usually given to open spaces, devoid of bedroom doors and brick walls. However, loft is a wider term that also encompasses a pad with an unfinished look, like cement walls or cement columns. It might also consist of an industrial look, with steel beams running along the ceiling. A huge hall, without any proper partitions for making separate rooms, is also termed as a loft. Many people prefer to live in lofts, considering it to be modish and urbane. Decorating a loft is not a very easy task. To help you out in the same, we have provided a number of loft design ideas and styles below.
Contemporary Loft Design Tips
  • You just have a single room and whatever you put up there will be visible to everyone else too. Make sure that you put something worth showing to others.
  • You can adorn the walls of the loft with vintage ads and posters, available at local antique shops. You can even experiment with trendy mirrors. They not only make the loft look good, but also make the space look larger.
  • You can hang picture frames, with black and white photos, on the wall. Putting up shelves, with a variety of decorative items, is another good idea.
  • Lighting plays a very important role in giving the right look. Lofts usually have cement or unfinished ceilings, so track lighting or cable lighting will work the best. Use the lighting to highlight specific parts of the loft.
  • As for the kitchen, stainless steel appliances will work the best. Since the kitchen will be an open one, they will look much better than others.
  • Appliances like kettle, blender, coffee machine and martini set, displayed on the kitchen counter, serve the purpose of accessories.
  • Never ever underestimate the power of a classy spice rack and chic wine rack. They not only serve your needs, but also add spice to your décor.
  • Use contemporary pieces of furniture, in neutrals shades like white, beige and tan. As for the dining table and coffee table, materials like wenge wood, frosted glass, stainless steel and even marble tops are popular.
  • If you want to add a little color to your room, you can go for an assortment of bright colored vases, kept together.
  • A house without some greenery? Nah! You can either keep potted plants in the loft or even create your own Zen garden.  
  • Remember it is your place, you have to live in it and you have the right to decorate it the way you want to. Just be yourself, mix colors, fuse styles and be creative. The only thing is don’t create a mess.

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