Decorating and remodeling a fireplace requires thorough research and patience. Read tips and ideas on living room fireplace designs.

Fireplace Ideas

Having a fireplace in your living adds that element of old-world charm in your house. Not only does it provide warmth in cold weather, it also lends a touch of classic beauty to your home. If you have a specially built vent for a fireplace at your home, why don’t you consider decorating it or remodeling it? You may have to do a bit of research and consult decorators for that. Or if you are planning to have an artificial fireplace, you need to know the important specifications in order to bring out the real beauty and charm of it. Here are some tips as to how to go about decorating and remodeling a fireplace.  
  • First, you need to understand that decorating and remodeling is different for bedroom and living room fireplace. A living room fireplace needs to be more elegant and classy, while a bedroom fireplace needs to be cozier.
  • The mantle for the bedroom fireplace is best decorated with a few ceramic or porcelain miniature figurines. It depends on what both of you like or believe in. One can use Feng Shui figures like a Buddha or a turtle or candles, family photographs, etc.
  • Co-ordinate this look by adding a couple of rocking chairs or recliners or single sofas with cushions. The idea is to make the bedroom a cozy place where both of you can unwind together or with family. Spread rugs a bit away from the fireplace in order to avoid any fire accidents and have a low raise stool where you can keep coffee or books. 
Design Ideas for Living Room Fireplace 
  • The living room fireplace design needs to be decorated or remodeled to make it the focal point of that room. You can get highly sophisticated tools like brush, tongs and poker designed in the most elegant manner to go with your living room. Keep these arranged properly in a thin, hollow circular stand right next to the fireplace.
  • The mantle piece can be decorated with elegant figurines, abstract statues, clay figures, vases with flowers, etc. The idea is to create an elegant and classy look with a personal touch. Make sure you don’t have clutter like loose change, car keys, etc on it! You may also frame a certificate of honor or a photograph of yours with a celebrity and place it as the centerpiece.
  • A fireplace in living room should preferably have a rectangular opening. You may always go for a modulation like having a slightly arched top or sides that open outward in flares. Co-ordinate the fireplace with your room. If your room has a brown, orange or yellow paint or wallpaper, you can go for a brickwork fireplace as it looks very rustic and classic. You can also go in for a contrast to highlight the fireplace like having a border of a different color.

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