Party time means the time to think about setting the dinner party table. All those who want to know how to set the table for dinner party can follow the guidelines given below.

How To Set The Dinner Table

The best way to celebrate any joyous occasion is by throwing a party. The fun is further enhanced if it’s a dinner party, complete with music, dance and the like. However, a good and enjoyable party also involves a lot of preparations on the part of the host. He has to decide on a lot of things, right from the invitations to the party menu to the dinner table layout. Infact, it is not only important to have good menu for the dinner, you also need to lay the table in a proper manner - it adds to the value of the food. In case you don’t know how to set the table for dinner party, just follow the guidelines that have been given below. 
Setting Dinner Party Table
  • You should always start with the tablecloth. To give a glamorous look, use one in either silk or satin. Make sure to have a protective layer underneath. The tablecloth should hang about 1½ feet over the edge.
  • The second thing to be placed on the table is runner, preferably of a bright color. Warm serving dishes should be placed along it.
  •  Next will be the trivets for warm dishes and in between them, the candle holders.
  • The dinner plates should be kept in the center, while salad or bread plates should be placed slightly above and to its left.
  • While placing the cutlery, starting from the outside of the plate and move towers the inside. The cutlery to be used first should be placed the farthest from the dinner plate.
  • To be more precise, the salad fork should be placed farthest from the plate and then, you should keep fish fork and then, dinner fork. Thereafter will be your dinner plate (to the right), then dinner knife, soup spoon and fruit spoon.
  • Dessert fork and spoon are placed towards the top of the dinner plate, in a horizontal position.
  • The blades of all the knives face towards the plate. The blunt surface of the knives will be facing outward.
  • The coffee cup is always placed to the right of the dinner plate, just besides it.
  • The glasses are always kept on the right hand side of the dinner plate, to the top left of the coffee cup. Moving from left to right, you will place water glass, red wine glass, white wine glass and champagne glass.
  • Now, comes the turn of the napkins. Napkins are folded in rectangles and placed below the salad and dinner forks. You can also place them on top of the dinner plate.

Flower arrangements and seasonal décor are always placed as the centerpiece on the table.

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