A coffee table is a useful piece of furniture in any home. In case your home does not adorn one, building a coffee table would be a nice idea. Explore instructions on how to build a coffee table.

How To Build A Coffee Table

Wooden furniture adds a versatile and classic touch to any home decoration. Wood tables have always been functional whether they are in the form of side tables, coffee tables or dining room tables. Coffee tables serve as the perfect piece of furniture in any room, as they let you sip a nice hot cuppa of coffee anytime round the day. So, why not build a coffee table all by yourself at home and enhance the face value of your room! Use your imagination and creativity and get ahead with making a coffee table, with useful things and add a relaxing touch to your home decor. Given here are simple instructions to build a simple wooden coffee table.
Coffee Table Instructions
Select the Plan
Choose a construction plan before you start off with building a coffee table. This is essential to give you an idea of what the final product will look like. You can surf the internet and search through a couple of plans. Download the one that suits you the best. The plans provide complete information including measurements, number of pieces and instructions for cutting and assembling the product.
Depending upon what kind of coffee table you would be building, select the type of wood. Also, the look you want for your table also matters while selecting the wood. For a painted wooden coffee table, pine wood would be perfect but, in case you are planning to give a stained look to your table, you can go for oak or birch. After selecting the wood, cut them into specific measurements and sand each piece to smooth it.
Build the Coffee Table
After completing with the woodwork, make a list of steps which will help you keep your project on the right path. Screw the top rails to the table top. Using screws, add the corner supports. Chisel each table leg so that it fits against the bolt head perfectly. Clamp the table legs to the top rails in each corner of the table top. Once this is done, drill a hole through corner support and leg. Insert the bolts and tighten them up securely.
Stain or Paint
After you have assembled your table, paint or stain it as per your requirements. In case you are staining the table, stain it at least twice. For a dark rich stain, stain it a couple more times. However, if you are planning to paint the table, apply two coats of paint for best results. To protect your coffee table surface from overuse, apply a coat of clear gloss.
  • If you have had lots of wood furniture for your home décor, you can go for a glass coffee table. Get something from the antique shop that perfectly adorns your table bottom and place a piece of glass over it.
  • Instead of giving the usual round shape to your coffee table, go ahead with making a square or rectangular-shaped coffee table.
  • For a more creative and innovative look, use lamps and a slab of glass to build your coffee table. After all, coffee tables are much more than just wood!

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