Choosing the right paint color can be less challenging, if you know the art of visualization. With this article, explore tips on how to choose the perfect paint color for your home sweet home.

How To Choose The Right Paint Color

Cornish blue, fiery reds, seawash green, ballerina pink, buttercup yellow, sand tan and so on. Are you hurdled by the plethora of choice available? Painting the interiors of the home is no longer an easy task, given the vast range of choices. Add to this the different finish that each paint type radiates and the color schemes that are available - the job of getting a wall painted can surely be the most overwhelming of tasks. The best way to lessen the confusion and get the right color code would be to consider certain practical aspects, while choosing the paint. This will not only save you a lot of time, money and frustration, but also make you successful in your endeavor. Given below are some effective tips on how to choose the right paint color for your room. Go through the lines and add streaks of vibrance and dollops of zing to your interiors!
Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color
It’s A Homeward Ride
The first step towards choosing the right paint color for your room would be to bring the color card home. Looking at the color scheme at the store and at home makes a lot of difference. While in the former place, you would be under the impression of the store lights and the opinions of others, at home you can have a real look at how a color would look at the defined wall. At home, you also have the advantage of taking out the color chips and sticking it to the wall to have a clear picture of how your room would fare.
Mystery Of The Location
Location of the room is another consideration you need to make. The size of the room and its exposure to light can go a long way in defining the color selection. Since a south-facing room generally receives more sunlight, deeper and saturated tone would be well absorbed by the room. However, for a north-faced room, going for subtle and lighter shades would be the best bet, as this area generally cries out for lightness. The size of the room should also be a concern to take care of, while going through the color card. Remember, a small room appears bigger in light shades, while a super-sized room extends warmth when draped in dark shades.
Art Of Coordination
Often ignored and unattended to, remember, it’s the art of coordination that would define the perfect choice, when it comes to adding streaks of color to your room. At the time of choosing the color, make sure you coordinate the shade with the fabric, carpet, tile, wallpaper and furniture of the room. This would help you choose the perfect color that would enhance and complement the appearance of the room, giving it a fuller and complete look.
Illusionary Ceiling
Imagine a room adorned with spicy red or toasty yellow, but with a bland white ceiling! Ceiling marks the horizon of the room and lends every room the wholeness. A stark white ceiling often looks disconnected with the room palette. However, this does not mean that the ceiling should be of the same color or multi-colors as the walls. The best bet would be to employ a subtle, lighter shade for the ceiling. You can even go for a shade or two lighter than that employed on the wall.
Fabulous Finish
The kind of paint you choose would also define the character of your room. Different types of pain finishes give a different look to your living space. While flat finishes have no shine and are ideal for hiding minor surface imperfections, eggshell or velvet finishes works just about in any room, offering a soft glow. Satin or semi-gloss finishes are good for highlighting architectural details whereas gloss finishes are shiny and perfect for reflecting more light in a dark area.
Trim & Trial
In case your mind has gone bizarre with the kind of choices available, just relax and fret not. Narrow down your choice to shades that best suit your room and your taste. Now, bring home the trial packs for each of the shades and examine it on the wall which you want to paint. This would give you the perfect idea of what color to choose and which would best complement the decor and feel of your room. Once this is done, all you need to do is bring in the large paint box and get going!

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