How to choose harmonious color scheme for a room can be a little tricky. As such read this article that provides useful tips on choosing color schemes for your room.

How To Choose A Color Scheme

Although almost all the paints advertisement shows the home painting is as easy a job as going to a store and picking a right color. After all a happy colored home is a happy home. However, it is not easy rather it is very tricky. Choosing a color scheme may well be considered as one of the toughest decisions you can take for your house. A color scheme can easily make or break your home. if the color you choose is drab, your whole house may seem lackluster, flat and featureless. However if the color you decide upon is very bold, it may be too overwhelming for your visitors and even your neighbors. It is more or less easy when you have to pick just a single color for a room. However, things get a little complicated when you have to plan a color scheme for the entire room comprising the walls, curtains, furniture, etc. So how exactly should you go about it? To answer in a nutshell, you have to first choose a basic hue for the room and then, deicide the distribution pattern of color. In addition, you need to keep in mind your choices and preference when it comes to choosing a color pattern, after all it is you who would be living in your home. The color palette may offer you an overwhelming choice and getting the right shade and right color could be as challenging as it can get. Even though the market provides you a lot of choices, you may end up feeling confused. With the help of little input, the idea of choosing a color scheme for a house can be made fun and exciting and it can also be a excellent creative outlet for a whole family. 
  • You can begin by choosing a style (formal or casual) as well as a theme for your room like traditional or techno modern and so on. Having a clear idea of the theme and style can make the whole task of choosing the color scheme easier.
  • The second step is to decide on a 'basic or anchor' fabric that will have three or more colors. After you have chosen it you need to choose the background color of this fabric as the wall color.
  • You can also choose color scheme on the basis of decoration theme. If you have a theme in which you want to decorate your home such as jungle theme, then choosing the colors would become much easier.
  • One more thing, which you need to keep in mind while you are choosing a color scheme, is the whole family’s personal taste. After all everyone of your family has to live together.
  • If you are using your old furniture only, then make sure that the color scheme which you choose compliments the furniture. Also you can consider the surrounding of the house when you are choosing the color scheme.  
  • For the flooring and big furniture pieces, you can pick a medium-toned color from the fabric. The upholstery can be done with the anchor or coordinating fabric.
  • While you are picking up the colors, you can go with the colors that are popular at the time when you are painting.
  • Lighting is yet another factor to keep in mind when you are selecting a color scheme. A room with limited lighting would need a bright color however a bright color could go coordinate a fairly lighted room.
  • In fact you can use anchor fabric in at least three places in the room like upholstery, curtains, etc.
  • Also while you are deciding the color scheme you need to use one color at least twice if the house is big as it gives a unified look to the home.
  • The most vibrant hue in the anchor fabric can be used for choosing matching accessories like picture mats and decorative pillows.
  • Coordinating fabrics can be used in larger or smaller amounts as accent fabrics on chairs, pillows, cording and tablecloths.
  • Check various websites, magazines, and decorating books for ideas. You may actually get much inputs from them. In addition, you need to plan well in advance before choosing the color scheme.

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