The year 2008 brings with it absolutely new home color schemes and trends. Know what paint colour to choose for home interiors.

Home Color Trends 2008

Decorating a house and lending it warmth and beauty with the right colors and shades is a daunting task nonetheless. In the coming year 2008, you can choose from many new home color schemes to make your home look like your dream abode. These days, people are experimenting with much more new colors and shades for their home interiors. A variety of styles for making the paint looks unique are being followed almost religiously. The New Year 2008 should be the perfect time for you add a new feel to your home by following the new color trends.
When deciding on a color scheme for your interiors, you have to keep in mind the furniture of the room, the theme of the room, the area, etc. Small rooms should be painted in lighter shades as it makes them look airy and spacious and darker tones can be used for larger rooms. The curtains and the carpets can be coordinated once the colors of the walls are decided. Check out these tips that will give you ideas to choose the right color scheme to paint your home. 
  • Lend a warm tone to your home in 2008 by opting for soft red tones like watermelon color or carrot color in cushions, pillow shams, duvet covers and seat covers that look very inviting in living rooms.
  • Classic black and white checkerboard tiled flooring or check fabric shades or wallpapers are being increasingly used in contemporary, eclectic and formal room décor. Brighten them up with accessories and furniture pieces in shades like light yellow, lime, orange and fresh green.
  • Fresh citrus colors such as lime yellow, mint green, golden yellows, kiwi green, tangerines are great for kitchens and instantly brighten up the décor. These colors are predicted to be very much popular for the year 2008.
  • Pale pinks bordering around pastel hues brightened up with bright pink accessories, coral shaded vases and baby pink lamps lend a romantic feeling to your living room.
  • Soft green shades such as sage green are the most happening for the year 2008. Go green and make your home look absolutely fresh with green shades like mint green, leaf green, baby green with warm yellow tones, etc.
  • Make your room look like an autumn field in 2008. Use shades of pumpkin yellow, pale and deep gold hues along with cream and sage green to make your home look like a permanent abode of autumn.
  • The range of shades and tones of blue may range from nautical and underwater hues to formal colors used in combination with pale green, camel or tan, white and yellow colors for the tranquil look.

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