Bathroom furniture lends a sophisticated touch to the bathroom. Find useful tips on modern and contemporary bathroom furniture.

Modern Bathroom Furniture

Just like a man is judged by the shoes he wears, a house is judged by its bathroom! It does not matter whether your bathroom is small or big, all that matters is that it should be well organized. Like the entire house, some furniture is needed in the bathroom too, in order to organize toiletries and other stuff in it. Instead of just strewing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and the like here and there, placing bathroom furniture that accommodates all your personal stuff in an organized way is a better option. This gives not just an organized look to your bathroom, but also makes sure that your personal belongings remain in a proper place. In case you are still clueless about what furniture to buy for bathroom, read these tips for buying the appropriate modernbathroom furniture. 
Contemporary Furniture For Bathroom 
  • Placing a mirror cabinet just above the sink is very useful and solves dual purpose, as the cabinet doubles up as a mirror. For instance, while you shave, you can accommodate your entire shaving kit into it.
  • Having small glass slabs around the mirror would be a great way to add an ‘appeal’ factor to the room. The slabs would allow you to arrange your toiletries, without looking absurd or weird.
  • Instead of placing the toothbrush on your sink, in a careless way, opt for a small stainless steel holder that can be fitted on the wall to hold your brush, toothpaste, etc. In the same way, you can even have soap holders and towel holders near your sink, for making the space look well organized.
  • Having a laundry basket ensures that your dirty linen and clothes are not strewn across the floor of the bathroom. It also helps you sort out colored clothes from the whites and wash them in an organized way.
  • Sleek bathroom cupboards are a great option, when it comes to storing towels, bathrobes, extra towels, nightwears, etc. It keeps your room clutter-free and keeping such things in a cupboard in the bathroom makes them easily accessible as well.
  • Make a separate counter for storing shampoos, soaps, body lotions and other such stuff. This way, you would have all the necessities within your reach, while bathing.
  • You may also have a small singular mobile cabinet (installed with wheels like a trolley) that may contain personal stuff, like essential oils, aroma candles, and massaging lotions, that you may want to use during your bath.
  • In case you do not have much space in your bathroom, fret not. Just install your sink in such a way that you have a cabinet right below it. This serves two purposes - firstly, it acts as a great storage space and secondly it adds an appealing factor to the room, hiding away all the unnecessary pipes.
  • In the present times, cubicles are the order of the day. The best feature about cubicles is that it allows you to have a comfortable bath, without creating unnecessary water mess.
  • Nowadays, the towel hanger serves multiple purposes. You can not only hang the towel, but also place your clothes comfortably there. Make sure that you install the towel hanger in a strategic location, so that it is easily accessible after the bath.

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