Choosing the right color scheme for kids’ room can turn an ordinary room into an exceptional one. Read the article to know the different color schemes for children room.

Color Schemes For Children Room

A kid’s room has to be bright and cheerful. Color forms the most striking and compelling element in any setting. Hence, while decorating a kid’s room, color schemes have to be taken into consideration to stimulate your child’s creativity in his/her growing years. The tradition of decorating a girls’ room in pink and boy’s room in blue is fast fading away, with other colors overshadowing the conservative themes. People have now become adventurous and are experimenting with new shades. Choosing the right color scheme can convert your kid’s ordinary room into one of the most beautiful and exciting places to live in. While selecting colors, the mood and the atmosphere you want to create in the room should be kept in mind. For decorating a boy’s bedroom, use bright and shiny color shades to incorporate a vernal color scheme. While for a girl’s room, you can opt for pink or lilac color shades. Read through the following lines to know the different color schemes for your children’s room.
Choosing The Right Color Scheme For Kids’ Room
Warm Color Schemes
Colors like red, yellow, orange and pink are common warm and exciting colors. These colors can give a bright and gratifying appearance to your kid’s room. A good combination of these colors will create a more energetic feeling, thus adding a dramatic effect to the room’s beauty. While using any of these colors, select a fainter or lighter shade as dark and bright shades can make the room appear excessively overwhelming. Do not use warm colors in case your kids’ room is a small one, as these shades give an impression of the room being even smaller.  
Cool Color Schemes
Opt for a cool color palette to deliver a tranquil appearance to your children’s room. Shades like blue, green, purple and violet reflect a calmer and peaceful feeling to the room. Bright purple is associated with calming the nerves and promoting creativity. The color blue helps a mind to focus and improves memory also. To make your kid’s room appear larger, use cool colors. A mixture of these colors also makes the room inviting and airier.
Muffled Color Schemes
For a neutral color scheme, you can choose between beige, tan or grey. These colors render a solacing and a cool effect to a room, thereby bringing personality and life to it. Though these shades are favored by very few people, the main advantage of such colors is that it reflects a calm and cozy appearance allowing your kids to have a good night sleep. Just like cool colors, muffled colors too make the room appear larger.
  • Avoid using too many colors at the same time. It would lead to a hotchpotch, making the room look messy and disordered.  
  • While selecting a color scheme, ensure that the color of the walls matches the color of your kid’s room furniture, bedding and fabric.
  • Choose a color scheme that reflects your child’s personal preferences.

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