Not always is it necessary to iron clothes with an iron. Read the article below to know the various tips on how to iron clothes without an iron.

Tips On How To Iron Clothes Without An Iron

Ask anyone if they have ever considered ironing clothes without an iron and they will look at you with a little smirk. The thought running in their heads would be that you are trying to become too clever for your shoes. While some may downright say that, it is simply not possible. Most people cannot comprehend that clothes can be ironed without an iron because for them, ironing clothes require two items – iron and clothes. They will tell you that you need both these things or forget ironing. So, what do you do when you have a pressing meeting and just after a wash, the power goes off leaving a wrinkled shirt in your hands? In times like this, you will grasp even a light pressing so that the offending wrinkles are removed. Since desperate situations calls for desperate measures, in situations like these you can very well make do without an iron. Of course, the results won’t be as perfect as iron pressed clothes, but it is still better than walking into a formal occasion in wrinkled clothes. There are some very innovative methods, by which you can achieve this without even expending much time on it either, ensuring that you save your day. To help you in this, go through the article given below to learn the various ways in which you can press clothes without an iron.
How To Press Clothes Without An Iron
Take a thick towel and inside it, fold the cloth that you want to press. Over it put an old towel. Now pour boiling hot water in a kettle and press it on top of the towel. Apply a gentle pressure so that you smooth out the wrinkles.
Using A Dryer 
Take the cloth that you want to iron, and then dampen it with a little bit of water. Fold this cloth neatly and then wrap it in a thick and dry towel. Now, keep the towel holding the cloth into the bottom of the dryer. Keep it flat and smooth. Start the dryer and let it go through the normal drying cycle. After 10 to 15 minutes take it out of the dryer and examine it. If you still find wrinkles then repeat the procedure, by wrapping the cloth again in the towel and then drying it. If you do not find any wrinkles and the cloth looks well pressed, then hang it to dry immediately. When doing this procedure make sure that you fold the cloth according to the type of the cloth. To avoid dryer made wrinkles watch out the laundry cycle. As soon as the alarm goes off, take out the cloths and then hang them to dry. This will effectively remove most of the wrinkles.
Using A Hair Dryer 
Another way by which you can avoid using the iron to press your clothes is to use the hair dryer. Hang the cloth on a hanger without any folds. Now, take the dryer and hold it 2 to 3 inches away from the cloth so that it doesn’t get damaged. Blow dry the cloth until it looks pressed. Use the hair dryer mostly on cotton clothes, as they are more suited to it.
Using The Sunlight 
You can also use the sunlight to effectively press the cloth. Take hangers that are a little large. Hang the clothes on them so that the clothes are stretched tight at the shoulders. Hang a few clothespins at the bottom to add a little weight. You can also add these weights on the sleeves. Keep the hangers with the clothes in the sun to dry. This is a very good way to remove wrinkles and lightly iron the clothes.

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