You can avoid pressing situations whenever you want, by learning some simple ways of ironing without an iron. Explore the article for some tips on how to iron clothes without using an iron.

How To Iron Clothes Without An Iron

Ironing without an iron may seem impossible to you, but it is not. You can surely make your clothes look pressed and wrinkle-free, if not very neatly ironed, by trying out a few methods of ‘ironing without iron’. It is not possible to iron the clothes all the time, especially when you are touring some place and you can't add a heavy iron to your baggage. Then, there are other situations as well, where ironing is not an option. Here, some simpler techniques would do well to press your daily wears. This article brings you some easy tips on how to iron clothes without using an iron, which will make your job pretty simple.
Ways Of Ironing Clothes Without An Iron
Dryer Method
  • Take a single piece of clothing out from the washer, so that it's damp. Otherwise, you can dampen the clothes which you want to iron without iron. Fold the item neatly and wrap it in a thick dry towel.
  • Lay the item flat on the bottom of the drier and let it go through a normal drying cycle.
  • Take the clothing item out of the dryer after 10-15 minutes and then examine the cloth.
  • If the clothing item doesn’t appear pressed, you need to repeat the procedure. Put the cloth back in the dryer for another 10-15 minutes, after folding and wrapping it neatly in the towel.
  • After the cloth comes out well-pressed from the dryer, hang it up immediately, to dry completely. Make sure that you give folds appropriate to the particular type of cloth item.
  • Another way you can keep your clothes look pressed is by watching out your laundry cycle. When you hear the dryer alarm goes off, take out the clothes immediately from the dryer and hang them up neatly. You will be able to avoid dryer-made wrinkles, by trying this method.
Hair Dryer Method
  • Hang the item neatly on a hanger.
  • Hold the dryer at a distance of one or two inches from the item, making sure that it doesn’t burn.
  • Turn on the hair dryer and blow dry the item.
  • Hair dryer method is more suited to cotton clothes.
Steaming Method
  • Fold a freshly washed cloth and keep it inside a thick towel.
  • Now, lay an old towel over it.
  • Hold a steaming tea kettle or pan of water and gently press it on the top of the heap. Don’t apply pressure on the kettle or pan.
  • Your clothes will be lightly ironed in no time. 
Pressing With Sunlight
  • The sunlight method is to be seen as a last resort, when you have nothing else to help you with the clothes.
  • Hang the clothes in sunlight to dry. Use hangers that are larger than the normal ones and can stretch the tops somewhat tight at the shoulders.
  • Button up your clothes and add a little weight to them by hanging a few clothespins at the bottom.
  • Weight the sleeves of the clothes in a similar way. Now, let the clothes dry in the sun.
  • Your clothes may not dry up as neatly pressed, but they will look light-ironed and wrinkle-free.

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