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How To Clean An Iron

You have finally mastered the trick of easing the creases on your shirt, but that doesn’t help much if you don’t really know how to keep your iron in good shape. How often have you grabbed this favorite laundry tool of yours and zealously ran it over your favorite shirt and then sat back and puckered over the unsightly rust mark? Anyone who has ever stained or blemished a shirt will know the pain a rusty iron can inflict. While for many cleaning their iron can sound like a herculean task, for others it could just be a distant thought. All said and done, cleaning the iron is quite a simple task and with a little expertise and effort, one can get a sparkling iron in a flash. You don’t really need to attack your dirty iron with a razor to scrape off the rust and grunge. Just getting hold of a clean rag, some suds and a few tips should set the task on for you. If you are eager to know how to keep your favorite laundry appliance as good as new, then checking out the following tips on how to clean an iron should help. Read on for more on this.
Cleaning An Iron 
  • Anything from scorched fabrics to burn marks on the steam vents and base of your iron can mar its efficacy and turn your favorite laundry tool into a sooty skillet. To ensure that you get wrinkle-free shirts and perfect pantaloons stay, now and always, it’s important to keep the soleplate and reservoir of your iron as neat as a pin.
  • Starch sprays,detergents and fabric softeners can often lead to yucky buildup on the soleplate of the iron leading to awful stains on your favorite fabrics.  To get rid of the dirt from your soleplate, unplug the iron from the electrical outlet first. Douse a soft clean rag, nylon mesh pad or a soft sponge in any sudsy solution and gently wipe the soleplate. In case of more stubborn stains, use a white vinegar and salt solution to clean the surface. Don’t forget to wipe the plate with a damp cloth dipped in clean water later to avoid soap suds or solution from settling on the soleplate.
  • Steam iron works wonder on clothes and can make even the oldest garbs look as good as new. However, keeping the water minerals from clogging the vents and reservoir can be quite a bit of a challenge at times. To keep the minerals from depositing on your iron reservoir, make sure you clean your iron periodically and use distilled water instead of regular tap water. To de-gunk your reservoir, all you will need is a little white vinegar and a clean rag.  Fill the reservoir with white vinegar and set the steam setting on. Iron the rag until the reservoir is empty. Rinse the reservoir with clean cold water and allow it to dry in a well-ventilated, airy space to get rid of the strong smell of vinegar.
  • The exterior of your iron needs as much care and attention as the soleplate and reservoir. After all, you wouldn’t really like to press some dirt on your shirt when ironing it. All you have to do is wipe the exterior with a clean damp cloth periodically to avoid dirt and any other unsightly residue from settling in. You can also use a mild dish washing solution to clean the outer surface. And yes, don’t forget to dry your iron with a clean dry cloth before storing it for future use.

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