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Baby Girl Room Ideas

Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude! And this attitude suits women of all ages, but especially works wonders for the younger ones. All around, you can see pretty little baby girls sporting pink frocks, skirts and even tiny pink purses. Oh, don’t they look just adorable? And this adorable sight is the most important reason as to why people across the world, when decorating nurseries for their baby girl, cannot think beyond pink. But that isn’t the only way to go by this decoration. After all, girls today have more options than just becoming beauty queens. There are a number of ways that you would like to bring up your kid—a number of dreams associated with her upbringing—and this is why every baby room should be different and not four walls draped in pink. Baby room must be customised according to how you intend to raise your child. So, while one parent may want to raise a princess, another may want an athlete and yet another, a cowgirl. Remember, it’s all in the upbringing. So, read on the best choices for your bundle of joy!
Decorating A Baby Girl’s Nursery
Before you set off decorating your precious’ nursery, it is important for you to know that decorating a room is not all about wall paints, drapes and lights. It is much more than that. Ideally, you should first make a note of the things that are essential in a nursery. These essentials are things that you can work upon to have the desired look in the room. Some of the essentials are baby crib,baby bedding, baby blankets, bumpers, crib sheets, dust ruffles and toys. Everything that you pick and place in the room should match the theme of the room and exude towards the central idea.
Baby Girl Room Theme Ideas
Princess Diaries
Your baby is a princess and princesses stay in gorgeous castles, dream about the clouds and have a tendency of going pink in the face all the time. There, that’s your theme. A generous dash of pink shades - ranging from the lightest to the brightest - with lustrous whites and voila, the look is complete! A round bed with floral patterns beautifies the look, while a princess’s crown-like chandelier completes it. This, of course, is the easiest look to work out. Everything that you chose should have a princess’s feel to it. So, right from the feeding bottle to sleeping mattress to the toys, make sure that everything is perfect for your pretty princess!
Howdie World
Behold the world; the cowgirls are in—yet again! When you say cowgirl, you do not necessarily have to have your little girl riding horses and shouting abuses to random strangers. That is just a way of having a rather different (read fun) upbringing. You can turn everything from nursery lamps to the floor to suit the theme. Consider hanging cowboy boots or some rustic metallic Western chandelier from the ceiling. You can use a cowhide rug for the floor next to the baby's bed. Even the beddings can have the designer look which is cute and girly.
Run Lola Run
Now, now, now! Many people would expect their kid to turn into an athlete or a Maria Sharapova. And for those reasons you can decorate the room with accessories of either a particular sport or a combination of all sports. Consider having a racquet-shaped crib or having the room decorated in the goal post like material or even a bed which is surrounded on all sides by footballs or baseballs carved out on wood. Of course, you can use posters of famous sportspersons to deck up the room but better would be to have pictures of the parents in sports attire.  
  • Ensure that the furniture doesn’t have sharp edges and cover all furniture with foam upholstery to avoid injuries.
  • Never stuff the crib with toys. It will be uncomfortable for the baby.
  • Maintain hygiene with things such as baby clothes and baby gifts, etc.
  • Make sure the crib is in the most airy part of the room.
  • Ensure that the room is insect and bugs free.

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